The world's first digital camera that appeared more than 30 years ago

Although various kinds of digital cameras are now on sale from those specialized for mobile to huge one pursuing beautiful photographs, Kodak researchers are the world's first digital cameras that do not use film It seems to have made it with gathered parts.

Details are as below.Kodak A Thousand Nerds - We Had No Idea

The lens was diverted from the garbage box in the 8 mm camera production line and it was epochal at the timeCCD image sensorEquipped. It seems to record black and white images on cassette tape over 23 seconds.

The captured image can be output to the TV by removing the cassette from the camera and setting it in the playback device.

Compare the printed captured image (left) with the image projected on the TV (right).

The patent was acquired in 1978.
Electronic still camera - Google Patents

Size looks like this. It seems that there is nothing you can not carry, but it looks pretty heavy.
Kodak's First Digital Camera - Retro Thing

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