The cord of Cinderella, etc Country of melancholy country of dreams that disneyland Disneyland "Dizzland" Pictures & Movie Summary

Demental Kingdom, packed with attractions without salvation such as Cinderella's corpse, a country of dreams, "Dismaland(Dizhara Land) "opened in England on Saturday, August 22, 2015. The nightmare shaped Ariel was placed in front of the castle where it was ruined and the staff who had rat-like ears squeezed with dead eyes and drowned in from the peeping to the corpses and death gods in the garden Dismaland Since it was uploaded to YouTube etc., I tried collecting photos and movies of gruesomeness.

Banksy Dismaland show revealed at Weston's Tropicana - BBC News

The appearance of Dismaland which is not for children for anything can be confirmed from the following movie.

Banksy is Back with New Tropicana Show in Weston - Dismaland - YouTube

So this is Dismaland.

Ticket counter is handwritten signboard. According to the person who actually went there, "There were about 500 people waiting, but it was not like I could not wait."

With such a feeling, there are lanes for the ticket waiting queue, everyone is sitting side by side with a loose feeling.

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When going through the gate, the first thing that we are awaiting is security check.

The security gate is made of cardboard. In addition to handguns and sprays, unicorns etc are included in the items prohibited to bring in, and it seems that you can stop the staff when you have it. In addition, it seems that admission of "Walt Disney's legal representative" is prohibited.

In the movie, it passed all the way, but it seems to actually be checked while being stared at by a clerk as follows.

After receiving a security check and opening through the door ... ...

What is spreading there is not a country of dreams ... ... but a country of depression, Dismaland.

The inside looks like this. It does not seem wide.

People actually visiting the park actually filmed the movie inside the garden, but the appearance is indeed ruined. The cracked retro music of the sound is exciting mood.

... they said it was # dismal up in here but, DAMN. # Lol # dismaland

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This is a map inside the garden. As soon as entering the castle and pond are in the eyes, a merry-go-round landmark and a Ferris wheel are arranged around it.

Something like Ariel in front of the castle.

......, but the image is strangely distorted like a mirage.

A car written as "POLICE" is sinking in the pond, and Dismaland shows that the police keeping order is a lawless zone where it is not functioning.

It seems like the grass grows and it looks like it has been long since the car sank.

This is a shooting stall.

A mysterious pond surrounded by a fence.

Inside the pond is the ship on which people with dark faces came. It is like refugees who have escaped from somewhere.

There are also indoor exhibits, colorful balloon floating on tens of knives and fluffy ... ...

Painting etc. This neighborhood is like an art museum.

In addition, the mushroom cloud.

In addition to this, the Jabban movie has been released and you can see a part of the attraction.

Dismaland: inside Banksy's dystopian playground - YouTube

For example, this stall will hand a fishing rod-like wooden stick.

What to lift up ... ...

Ducks covered with oil.

"It is impossible for me ...... It is impossible for me ......" It has become an attraction that I can feel my helplessness.

Next time it was a castle.

I will go inside.

As I escape from the place written "NO ENTRY (do not enter)" ...

On the old television screen, the last scene of the animated movie "Cinderella" was swept away. The shoes that the prince had fits perfectly with Cinderella's legs and living forever and happily after marriage, so the prince and Cinderella will ride a horse-drawn carriage and leave.

However, when you pass through a room with a TV, you can see that in the dark, light flashes and is illuminating something.

It was the flash of the camera that shone with Bashabasha. And the one that was shot was a fallen horse carriage.

Horses who collapsed without power.

From the window of the horse-drawn carriage, the upper body of the cinderella who stuck was protruding. In other words, after the last scene of the movie "Cinderella", the real ending that was not televised was reproduced. On the other hand, it is also a work that reminds Princess Diana that "the dead queen is complete at the moment surrounded by photographers".

The little bird who knows nothing innocently pulled the ribbon of Cinderella's dress.

It looks like I saw the mysterious pond that I saw earlier from another angle.

Next to refugees' ship with dark eyes ......

A boy who fell from the ship was floating.

In addition, the merry-go-round has somehow the characters of white clothes full of discomfort.

Perhaps they have handled horses riding a merry-go-round.

Also, in the country of dreams, pretty characters are skating, but in the Dismaland the death gods are active.

Banksy's Dismaland in Weston-super-Mare - YouTube

I will also look at attractions.

Banksy Dismaland Theme Park | A Look Inside - YouTube

Staff with a black balloon written "I am stupid".

A man who gets on a vehicle with a sticker sticking like "NASA".

After a while the vehicle turns and rotates.

"Astronauts CARAVAN (astronaut caravan)" so that there seems to be an ordinary amusement park-like ride.

The merry-go-round reflected earlier is peaceful depending on the viewing surface, but on the contrary it is unrest.

"Hot dog is free, but only people who know what animal is in" meaningful signs.

Glamorous signboards drawn by Prime Minister David Cameron are crushed ... ...

People who dream of can not do, peeping acts also inflicted.

A show of a killer whale kicks are likely to be delighted.

...... Note that "This exhibit uses materials that some people will become traumatic". As you can see, works and objects themselves are likely to be in everyday life, but there seems to be many attractions that will encourage the viewer's consciousness by adding notes and other clips.

City miniature.

Police cars are stopping everywhere.

It seems that this is reproducing the state of the civilian riot.

It is unknown whether storm troopers who stroll in the park somehow are staff or spectators.

Nostalgic Ferris wheel.

However, when he gets on the vehicle he sighs to the staff, he says he is cursed with "why are you in such kind of things like this?"

You can check from the following movie the staff's more refreshing mood and saga.

Dismaland - YouTube

In a country of dreams, humans and animals make their hearts communicate, but in Dismaland pigeons will attack the old man.

Various other exhibits. By the way, Dismaland said the ground is not beautifully paved, so it seems to be full of shoes when it rains.

In addition, it is necessary to go through souvenirs and sundays to go out.

This is a garbage dumping ground ...... Not a souvenir shop.

In the evening there is atmosphere and a light-up is done.

Had such a # dismal time last night

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There is only a sinister feeling.

Dismal! #dismal

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Dismaland is a painter whose graffiti is bidding for 100 million yenBanksyAnd famous for the series that stored dead animals with formaldehydeDamien HirstThe theme park exhibiting works of more than 50 artists worldwide, has been published for 5 weeks from 22 August 2015.

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