A movie containing a whole part of the extinguishment caught on the firefighters' perspective

Fire fighters take away household goods and even the lives of people Hurt fireholders are working hard in the world to stop any damage caused by the fire even at all. A tense movie that allows you to know what kind of sight the firefighter is doing in the event of extinguishing the fire is on sale.

La Paz Dr Structure Fire, Victorville - YouTube

One private house burning with flames. This movie recorded the fire extinguishing activity actually done by the fire brigade of San Bernardino County, California as it is, and photographing is done by attaching a camera to the helmet of a fire brigadeer.

The image by the helmet cam starts. The scene heading for the fire site at the beginning with a fire engine. Wireless communication with the headquarters is recorded in the movie in a clear way.

I started fire fighting activities as soon as I arrived at the site.

At the back portion of the seat that had been sitting until a while ago, there was a hole in which the oxygen cylinder fits.

A member who extends a hose from a fire engine. The anger does not flutter like a movie does, and it is a work that is promoted gradually, but this may be an indication that calming is taking place.

Especially, it seems that the left side of the building is burning strongly.

The figure of a member who takes down the aluminum ladder is also.

A flame leaked from the garage wall gap.

Then we started draining water. To prevent the spread of fire, it is the building which became not yet burning and the Ranjan who discharges water. A scene showing a glimpse of the fundamentals of extinguishing that suppresses the momentum of fire from the surroundings.

Of course, it also drains into the burning garage.

On the other side of the building, activities using ladders and chain saws and the like began.

Cut the chain with the engine cutter and secure the lead to the fire extinguishing spot.

Also cut the garage shutter with the engine cutter as well.

It seems that the ladder I brought out earlier was a tool to go up to the roof.

If you think that two crew members took up the ladder to the roof ... ...

How ahead the crew members aim at the top of the roof while piercing the roof with a stick. Just below this, the fire should be on fire, so I inadvertently said "Eh!?" It seems that there was a meaning to check whether the scaffolding would not collapse that the roof was piercing.

A former crew member who shows the position "just here!" A crew member with a camera heads there ... ...

I started piercing the roof with a chainsaw. Apparently it seems that the meaning of confirming the place which is easy to open a hole was also included in the roof. Even so, there is the danger of the roof falling from the fire falling and the risk of smoke and flame rising at the moment of opening the hole, so it is an action that feels even more "even though it is not dangerous" rather than a life.

Smoke caught fire with the mouth from the opened hole. It was really good not because it was a flame ....

As I was interested in it, apparently, this seems to be a method mostly used in America in particular. It aims to "dump smoke inside the building" by opening a hole in the place of the highest building (mune) of the building, "to lower the temperature inside the building by escaping flames and hot air to the outside, It seems that there is an aim for assisting firefighters' activities that rush into. In addition, there is a "one theory" that occurs when a firefighter enters a buildingBackdraftAlthough there seems to be an idea though to suppress the risk of "This is not necessarily consistent with the conditions of backdraft occurrence, so its truth is unknown.

The Basics of Ventilation

- Why do fire firesters cut holes in the roof of a building? - FAQs Fire Operations - COG - Council of Governments

Ventilation (firefighting) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In the comment section on YouTube, there is a comment "awesome!", "Why are you going up to the roof?" "I am a German firefighter, but I do not do this in Germany.The military rate of American firefighters There is a lot of interactions such as comments such as "It is ridiculous" and "There is regionality, so it can not be said unequivocally".

After that, it remains on the roof, and a member who approaches the spreading spot just like buildings. Smoke and flame momentum increases.

Occasionally, not being able to see anything wrapped in smoke.

A member who decides an opening point and puts a chain saw. In addition, in the upper left of the screen, the figure of the crew members entering the building from the ground. This may be acting with timing.

Inside the building, a member with a hose reached the point where the flame will rise. Roof opening work is also done.

It looks like this time it was cut bigger than before.

When a member with a stick broke through the roof board, fire and smoke began to be discharged externally.

A chain saw member who further widens the opening. It's hard to imagine that it's quite a high-risk task as fire spreads so far. I guess there is support for that because it is a method that has been done for many years ... ....

Chain saw that cuts the roof without even making flames. In the comment section of YouTube also "comment that" Chainsaw Maker wishes to use this picture on CM ".

Flame is blown out from the duct for ventilation to the flame spouting from the cut part.

So, we opened several holes and chainsaws who completed our work withdrew from the site.

It was not long before the fire fighting was completed. Despite the spectacular eyebrows, the firefighter became an urgent movie to fight against the fire boldly.

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