Publishes "Project Sunroof" tool which automatically calculates the cost which can be saved by installing solar panel just by entering address

Google says "20% of the time you can do whatever you like freely"20% ruleExist. A lot of projects and services are born from this rule, but by entering the address which started from 17th August 2015 in local time, "yearly solar radiation amount of input address" and "solar panel can be installed "Area", "How much savings can be saved when installing" etc. Tool "Project Sunroof"Is also a project born from the 20% rule.

You can tell what kind of tool "Project Sunroof" is in one shot by watching the following movie.

Introducing Project Sunroof - YouTube

The sun is a stellar with tremendous power and the sunlight falling on the earth from here is never exhaustedRenewable energyis.

In addition, it is energy that everyone can use freely.

To convert this sunlight into money or energy, you need a solar panel.

However, how many solar panels can be installed, how long will it be possible to save costs if installed for a certain number of years?

Where to try to get such detailed information, what is it about getting a hand from what the hell can it be a champagne starkin?

That's why it was invented by Google engineer Carl Erkin ... ...

Information on sunlight is displayed on Google map.

When entering an address on the page published by "Project Sunroof", the yearly solar radiation amount is displayed visually on the Google map like a thermography, so that you can see where the sun hits well and where it is not at a glance It is becoming. Information on this amount of solar radiation seems to be based on the satellite, aerial photographs and weather data used by Google Maps, and the annual amount of solar radiation is displayed after firmly considering the shaded parts etc. is.

In addition, the area where the solar panel can be installed and the estimate of the cost which can be saved by installation are displayed as numerical values. In the tool, it is possible to input the monthly electricity charge average, and the estimate of cost which can be saved by this number will change.

Furthermore, it tells usable solar panel installers.

This "Project Sunroof" has launched services for the areas such as the San Francisco Bay Area in the USA, Fresno, Boston, and will expand its scope of coverage to the whole of the United States in the future ...

Furthermore, we are planning to expand services so that solar radiation and saving costs can be confirmed instantaneously anywhere in the world.

At the time of article creation, Project Sunroof'sOfficial pageWhen accessing, you will see a 404 error ... ...

You can see about the project's page and FAQ.

Project Sunroof | About

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