Exoskeleton Robo Suit that can experience how the 75-year-old body will move

When I get older, my physical function is going down, but when I am young I do not understand "how long will it decline compared to now?" You can experience it "Instant Aging Suit" Exoskeleton Robot SuitThe AtlanticA movie worn by James Hambling has been released.

If You're Taking Youth For Granted, Try This Instant-Aging Suit - YouTube

If You're Taking Youth For Granted, Try This Instant-Aging Suit - The Atlantic

The appearance at the beginning of the picture is the appearance of Mr. Hamblin walking awkwardly wearing a robot suit.

this is"If Our Bodies Could Talk(If our body could talk)One of the series.

The population over 65 in the United States will exceed 40 million in 2010 and is expected to exceed 80 million in 2040.

It is this project that was done by trying to experience how it will become when it is 75 years old. The weight of the suit is about 40 pounds (about 18 kg).

Not only the body's function, but also the goggles and headphones worn on the helmet, the sight and hearing are also controlled.

When you switch on the system ......

"It's dark like the sight is in the tunnel," Hambling said.

It is hard to move arms and legs. The impression of walking on the walking machine was that it seems to be walking in deep snow.

Mr. Hamblin, who went outside while wearing a suit, told the women who passed by, whether the seriousness of the old man was stolen or not, commenting "Enjoy youth!" "Humblin grandpa, bye-bye" It was lightly being swept away.

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