A movie depicting the actual state of the city where mobile phones and Wi-Fi are forbidden and all radio waves are blocked

When entering the town radio music will change to white noise, mobile phones out of range, the use of microwave ovens is prohibited,There are towns that blocked all radio waves. this"Green Bank"What is done in the city called what kind of people are living, movies that follow the actual situation of the city are released.

The American Town Banning Cell Phones and Wi-Fi - YouTube

There is no building or anything, a peaceful place where the land where the flower grows is around and it follows one side.

Private houses are building with spacious spaces.

The camera captures the city called Green Bank in the state of West Virginia, USA. After entering the Green Bank for a while, the music on the radio ceases, it turns into white noise "Za ... ...."

Liao Lin's mobile phone as a reporter is in a state where radio waves are not transmitted. This is because mobile phone base stations do not exist in the Green Bank.

The Green Bank, which is said to be one of the quietest places in the U.S., has 13,000 square miles of "National Radio Quiet ZoneThere is it.National National Radio Astronomical Observatory(NRAO)ofGreen Bank TelescopeIn order to protect it from the influence of various radio waves, from 1958 it is prohibited to use various household electric appliances that do not meet the standards, in addition to Wi-Fi used at home, microwave oven and electric blanket.

This is a radio telescope.

Compared with buildings, I can understand their enormity.

Laura wearing a helmet seems to be going up to the radio telescope.

From the top of the radio telescope you can see the view of the city.

Apart from having another radio telescope, there are no high buildings around.

Jay Rockman, an NRAO scientist, explains, "Scientists use radio telescopes to observe that stars are born and dead far beyond the universe."

"What is the unique point of the radio telescope?"

"The unique point of the radio telescope is its location because there are no radio transmissions prohibited and there is no interference of artifacts that impede the signal and interfere with studies Transmit about mobile phones and digital cameras Even machines etc. are limited and we can track precisely a wide range of phenomena occurring in the universe, "says Mr. Rockman.

People in the world without radio waves shut themselves in their own world? The question that comes up ... ...

"I feel like I am in a little wonderland," Mr. Rockman says.

"Great science is progressing in this place"

"People may not be able to imagine life without mobile phones, but in retrospect of human history, there used to be a problem without cell phones in the past."

Living in the Green Bank seems to feel like being in the 1980s.

The next thing that I saw was the laptop PC and the major equipment.

It is Jonah Bauzerman who is driving the equipment in the car. He patrols the area where radio transmission is prohibited by car and checks whether radio waves that affect the radio telescope are occurring around.

"Although it is not publicly available, it is not illegal to use Wi-Fi at home, and occasionally the staff of the Observatory will ask you to" turn off Wi-Fi equipment "There are residents to talk aboutHowever, in the city, it is not permitted to use what transmits signals such as Wi-Fi · cordless phone · microwave oven, residents are required to sign a contract to the effect that they do not use the above electronic equipment There is.

"Recipe siteLean Cuisine"We will not be able to prepare dinner while watching", said Mr. Laura, "Everyone is substituting something else", Mr. Bowman.

"It looks like the era is just different here," Lola said.

In the town there are public phones that now have fewer numbers.

In addition, the Green Bank is not only a place that contributes greatly to scientific development,Electromagnetic hypersensitivity(EHS)It also functions as a paradise for people suffering from. EHS refers to people who are getting worse due to transmission lines, electromagnetic waves emitted from household appliances, etc. Currently, only Spain and Sweden are certified as diseases.

Three women, Diane Scout, Jennifer Wood and Melissa Commers, suffered from the influence of electromagnetic waves and moved to the Green Bank. Apart from three people, several dozen people have been fleeing the influence of electromagnetic waves and arriving at the Green Bank in recent years due to the development of Wi-Fi technology.

Diana Scout said, "Originally, the cell phone base station was in the neighborhood of the house, but after that electronic equipment with power transmission lines and fluorescent lights was made, various electronic devices brought me to hardship It is just as if the neighbor just uses a coffee maker to have a headache. "

Melissa · Commers seems to be paralyzed just by using the mobile phone for a few minutes. When I last used cell phones, I said that they stayed paralyzed for two weeks.

Jennifer · Wood is a woman who made a house from his own house without using electronic equipment.

When asked "Do you think your headache is not due to the environment, but the discord in your head is a problem?"

"I think that I am uneducated, the way of thinking is closed and selfish, pain is genuine, it is a fact," Scout said.

When asked, "What did you think when you came to this quiet place?" When asked, "The body was relaxing was a wonderful thing," commented Mr. Commers. For Mr. Commers that the tinnitus, which had been continuing for a long time, moved to the Green Bank and ceased in a couple of days, he says, "This is my favorite place ever."

Wood says his body was losing weight due to the influence of electromagnetic waves, and Mr. Wood said that he began to gain weight in two weeks after he moved to the Green Bank.

However, with the progress of technology, the influence of radio waves is gradually increasing even in Green Bank.

Although he is a gentleman driving a calm place similar to the previous one, he says, "There are 14 to 15 Wi-Fi modems here."

Regrettably that Wi - Fi is present in the area where Wi - Fi should not exist is "I'm sorry, but it 's a fact," said Bow - merman. Even though it is not allowed to use wireless, it is difficult to force people to ban radio, and it is questionable whether Green Bank can continue to exist as "the city without wireless".

"The" science "being done here is not for this time but for the next generation, the universe is large and magnificent, it is surprising to look back at the past," said Bowman Said.

By 2021, the Green Bank radio telescope is expected to play a significant role in exploring extraterrestrial life.

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