I ate only 650 yen at full bowl of pork meatless tempura COSPA strongest curry "Cow 8"

Near the Oimachi station where JR East, Tokyu Electric Railway and Rinka Line intersect, eating curry shop "Beef 8"there is. "Beef 8 is attractive for" curry rice "which can be eaten from 400 yen, but" Stamina curry "which even pork is still baked is also a specialty, so I actually went and eat.

Oi-machi specialty stamina curry | beef 8

Beef Hachi is located 1 minute on foot from Oi Ocho Station West Exit. Although the shop is small, it should not be missed because it is promoting as "Oi-machi specialty stamina curry" at store front.

Open the sliding doors with rattling and enter the shop.

The inside of the shop is a small space where only 6 to 7 people can enter with only a counter without a chair. Although it is hard to say that it is clean and fashionable, it seems that spirit of sticking only to curry is not concerned about interior decoration.

I have a menu on the wall and ask for the cheapest curry rice (400 yen including tax) and the specialty "Stamina curry (650 yen in tax)" this time. I asked if it is sweet or dry when ordering, so I asked both of them "Dry" this time. In addition, it costs 50 yen separately from the price in menu notation.

A small amount of curry rice came in about 10 seconds from the order.

The small curry rice is about one size larger than the 5 inch Nexus 5.

In the stamina curry being carried at the same timing as curry rice.

The size seems to be about four Nexus 5.

Although the type of menu is different, the size is quite different between small and medium.

I will eat it from the famous Stamina curry.

Fukujima pickles are topped from the beginning, and if it is not enough, they can be added freely from the desk.

Roupe over spilling from the dish and pork squashing in the prime pour out your appetite.

The onion is also tapped.

The curry is spicy with spicy foods inside and it is a rather tasty mouthfeel that shabasaba. Because the taste of the sauce is strong, it is just right to eat with rice.

Pork is boiled and not a type called "holohoro", but it has chewiness and it is a bit sweet and seasoned. Curry 's roux is pretty spicy, so when the inside of the mouth screams with scratching, he pounds sweet pork, and when it calms down, eat curry and make it hot again in the mouth .... Or eat silently while eating curry and pork alternately and eating together.

Spicy pork and spicy ru are just right balance. Since the amount of pork is tapri, it does not mean that you will not finish eating pork just leaving rice and rice.

Tappuri as much as pork. Speaking of "medium", if it's another shop, it's light sized big and big size.

I feel as hot as sweat blows out while eating Pakpaku so refresh in the mouth with Fukujin pickled.

Red ginger is also available on the desk. "Amidst stamina curry" is about the price of sweet buns in adult men, but it is the price of 650 yen including tax with "sweet" and 700 yen including tax with "dry" so it seems likely to enter the strongest category of cost performance is.

I will eat a small amount of curry rice where my stomach swells.

The taste of Ru is stamina curry and its source is dense as spicy as spicy stem. It is just as good for men and women of small meals.

"Beef 8" was a delicious but tasty shop of Fuji TV "thanks to everyone of Tunnels"Shitachin"It was certified as.

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