A huge translucent object shining like a boss like a game is found

It is said that the ocean which occupies about 70% of the Earth's surface is as vast as it is said to be impossible to explore everything, there are still many unexplored areas and undiscovered creatures. A mysterious object lurking in such a sea has been found in the Mediterranean in the southwestern part of the Republic of Turkey, and a movie showing the situation at the time of discovery has been released.

The thing on Vimeo

Diver who is diving in the crystal clear blue sea.

When the diver is illuminating the light, I found a huge object.

A tremendously large object is translucent and you can see the diver on the far side.

From the bending part, you can see that the object is shaped like a thin film rather than a sphere.

Experienced divers also do not understand what the object is doing.

Suddenly divers found something.

There is something in the object that reflects light at the part pointed by the diver.

There is nothing to light different parts ... ...

Reflection of a mystery coming out when moving the light.

Even if it looks up, it is unknown what it is.

If you look closely at the lighted part, you can also check things like dust.

He is a zoologist at the Smithsonian museum and is studying mollusksMike VecchioneAccording to Mr. Huge translucent mysterious objects migrate offshoreAkaikaThere is a possibility that it may be a large pod containing eggs. Akaika lives in the temperate and tropical regions of the world excluding the equatorial waters, but Mr. Vecchione also seems to have never seen a large one up to this point.

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