"Wanda chan NEXT DOOR project" that may become "one festival souvenir"

"Wanda chan NEXT DOOR project"Is a project to create a new illustration / new modeling of" Wanda chan "familiar with the face of Wonder Festival. Kaiyodo and Good Smile Company jointly plan to carry out full-scale from 2016 [winter], and if the project succeeds, Wanda chan figures that will be brought back as "one festival souvenir" will appear.

That's why Wanda was made.

Looking closer, the expression looks like this. Wearing green army costumes, equipped with a stick in hand. And above all, the inside of the skirt is in the state of Wakame.

Whether it is a moment when you fly across a stick with magical girls something, or you can see the contents of the skirt, it's enigmatic.

Mr. Shoichi Miyawaki, executive committee representative of the Wonder Festival, commented, "It is a hurdle project more than you can imagine," and what is going to happen in the future is unknown, but if this wonder is popular Then, a garage kit that can be brought back as a souvenir every year from now on will come out.

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