Dicaprio attacked by a bear with more than 12 million players draws a revenge play burying a traitor Caused too much tension A movie "The Revenant" trailer

A movie that won four divisions including the work prize and director's award at the 87th Academy Award "Bird man or (an unexpected miracle brought by ignorance)"Director Alejandro González Inaritu,Leonardo DiCaprioWhenTom HardyA movie that greeted America and the British representative actor was "The Revenant"is. The Revenant said that one man hired by a fur company was hit by Grizzly during hunt and was deadly damaged but was abandoned without being helped by those accompanying hunting, It is a movie based on a true story that revenge on a person who betrayed himself. A story based on a true story and a trailer of The Revenant which is expected to be confronted with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy co-star since "Inception" is released.

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One man looking at the mountain that faces in the world of snowy scenery.

It is Hugh · Glass played by Leonardo DiCaprio.

Blow through the dimly lit trees to escape from something.

Hugh · Glass is hired by a fur company, and working with hundreds of men to hunt wild animals is the job.

Sometimes it may be a battle with indigenous Indians living in the field.

Hugh · grass of a pinch with a strangled neck.

However, I will strike back and give him a champagne.

This work drew shooting only with natural light without using lighting. I only shot with natural light, and it has a unique atmosphere.

Hugh · glass which carries down the fallen person and stares the enemy.

The fight with indigenous people is pretty intense.

Hunting unit to escape to the ship before annihilation.

I will keep shooting until the last moment the ship leaves the shore.

The shore of wrapping in flames.

Suddenly the scene has changed, Hugh and Glass is walking alone to the vast plain.

It seems that one person has been left behind in a harsh nature.

It is an intense fight to remember.

It seems that the ship was burned at the end of the fight.

As a bonfire alone, I get over the cold night.

The hand that brings it closer to the bonfire is ragged.

To Hugh · Glass who takes care of the gun ... ...

John Fitzgerald who plays Tom Hardy gets hold of it. They are the crews of the same hunting unit and should be the companions who left their lives ......

Was there a feud between the two?

Hugh · glass which does not move even if it is grabbed.

An object stacked like a mountain on the snowy field.

Where you care about what the stacked objects are and how they get involved in the story.

From the middle of the trailer, you will hear only the heartbeat and sigh, and it will be a deployment with random cuts.

Tension is amplified by beating and sighing.

Hitting with a person wearing a hood.

I wear a mask like a skeleton.

John Fitzgerald gets a breath in the shade of the trees.

Hugh · glass that drives down traitors.

Grizzly will hit Hugh Glass.

It suffers fatal damage and the eyes are in a state of disorder.

Two people laughing out suddenly in nature. Even laughter makes me feel horror thanks to the directing.

What is John Fitzgerald's target audience ... ....

Firing while holding on to a horse.

How fate of Hugh Grass faces the expression of agony?

Entertainment related news mediaGRANTLANDInterview with Leonardo DiCaprio and Director Inyaritu. Leonardo DiCaprio said in an interview: "I wanted to play an American who has never appeared in the movies I have ever since, since my character was a lot of talkative characters, it was a challenge for me to play Hugh · Glass How is the emotional transfer of the audience to the character that talks little to the expression and movement alone? ", Reveals the difficulty of acting in this work.

In addition, "Hugh and grass of the hero will be traveling about 500 km a way to fulfill revenge, being attacked by a bear and being betrayed by a friend.The ruthless and harsh fate that visited the hero is a seed or body There are things that can happen to modern people, such as the problem, while thinking about the spirit of confronting the big walls standing in front of my eyes, I created my own Hugh and Glass and came to acting, "says that he was conscious of acting I spoke nakedly.

According to Inyaritu, the filming using CG is said to have taken a picture in an extremely cold place as the lack of reality, and the performer seems to be really cold, not acting. Director Inyaritu said about shooting "Although modern people no longer adventure, there are people who went to India, it was a terrible adventure," but traveling with GPS and mobile phones is not an adventure What became the basis of The Revenant is the story of those who had a big adventure both mentally and physically with unknown land.The audience understands what the real adventure is after seeing the movie I guess. "

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At the end of the interview, Leonardo DiCaprio says, "I think the audience will fall into the feeling of simulating what Hugh Grass is experiencing while watching a movie.The Revenant is a movie I am convinced that it will be a memorable movie to the extent that I will absolutely not forget what I saw as a work that is quite distinctive and truly distinctive, nobody has seen. "About the appeal of this work doing.

A movie "The Revenant" wrapped in many mysteries just because a rough story is revealed is only in some areas of the United States from December 25, 2015, from January 2016 throughout the U.S. and Europe It is going to be released.

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The second trailer movie of The Revenant has been released.

DiCaprio versus bear, and a spectacular movie "The Revenant" trailer to the journey of revenge Trailer 2 - GIGAZINE

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