"Desierto" depicting the fear of people who are being targeted for human hunting, son of Cureon director of movie "Zero Gravity" supervised

In the vicinity of the border that separates the United States and Mexico there is a problem of illegal immigration that goes illegally across the border into the United States. Suspense movies depicting the horror of "human hunting" that such illegal immigrants are targeted "border guards" as nominal, are shot "Desierto"is. The movie "Zero Gravity"Alfonso · CureonDirector's son Jonas · Cuealon has become a director's work, and a trailer has been released on YouTube for the spring release of 2016.

Desierto | Official Trailer | STX Entertainment - YouTube

A movie starts from where the car runs in the wilderness.

Among the trucks were a group of immigrants immigrated from Mexico trying to cross the US border.

"I have a son in the USA, he gave me a stuffed animal of this bear" To the amulet of Papa "," I am confident that I am confronted with the leadGael Garcia Bernal. The stuffed bear plays "I LOVE YOU" and sounds.

Then arrive at the border

People who pass through barbed wire and intrude into the US territory

"I promised my son to return this stuffed animal to him, so I'm going."

The movie "Zero Gravity"Alfonso · CureonDirector's son, directed by Jonas · Cureon

In the wilderness where cactus grows, we found different smugglers walking in the open plains

When you are walking in the wilderness with nothing ... ...

A man suddenly fell violently.

What on earth happened?

Another man falling down in a row, apparently receiving a shoot from somewhere

People who run away without understanding

I watched the sight from a distance, I wore a ten-gallon hatJeffrey Dean Morgan.

"Welcome to the country of liberty"

A group of hero who escaped hurriedly, the group in front of him was killed suddenly.

Men of Tengallon hat are racists, who are hunting for human beings as "border guards". I will steadily target the sniper rifle.

"Find your guys"

When struggling to put on the car engine ... ...

A hunting dog jumping to the glass.

Falling while on the run, it is a prey for cruel hunting dogs.

Numerous dangers attacking in harsh desert areas

Why does this guy hunt man?

Can the hero escape from the murderous demon?

The scene changes, melody is leaking from backpack.

Murderous demon to notice something

Does "the son's giant amulet" cause the danger of death ...?

Hunting dog noticed melody

Finally the sound which the stuffed animal was playing stops ......

Hunting of fear resumes.

Can you run away from human hunting that started without knowing?

"DESIERTO("Spanish" "desert") "

Desierto will be released on 4th April 2016 in the United States. About publication in Japan, it is unpublished at the time of article creation.

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