Is it possible to transfer human consciousness to the body of another person?

In the SF world there is a story to get the "eternal life" by digitizing the brain and getting out of the old flesh, but really it is really important to "download" your consciousness and transfer it to another's body A movie that scientifically explained the question of whether it is possible is published.

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The movie "Self / Les" scheduled to be released on July 10 (local time) is a rich man who suffered from illnessRyan ReynoldsA story that transfers its "consciousness" to the body of a young man who plays and acquires a new life.

Consciousness transfer technology is "SHEDDING(Escape · Take off, Molting) "is called.

If SHEDDING is possible, you will be able to acquire a young body and aim for professional athletes and to tackle outstanding scientific problems forever.

Is it possible to actually realize such an immortal technique?

First of all, in order to know whether transfer of consciousness is possible, we need to know about "memory". The brain that stores memory is about 86 billionNeuronIt is 3 pounds (about 1.3 kg) of adipose tissue including.

Neurons can transmit signals to each other by electrical stimulation and neurotransmitters passing between neurons and neurons.

Most neuroscientists believe that memory is stored in the neuronal network. The pattern that multiple neurons simultaneously "ignite" is thought to be related to memory, and when certain memories are recalled, we know that the same neurons are firing at the same time.

Neurosurgeon'sWilder · PenfieldBy applying electrical stimulation to a specific part of the brain, Mr. Sukkusu succeeded in reproducing a specific memory such as "smell of bread burning". In other words, if you record something about neuron patterns that you activate, you can say that you can also download the memory.

Attempts to display images and scenes being reproduced in the brain from the firing patterns of neurons already using computers, even if they are within a limited range even able to read the minds of people.

A map representing the connection state of a neural circuit of a living thing is "Connectome"One day, research continues to complete human connectivity. A large-scale project aiming at constructing a computer model of Human Connectome in the United States and EU is progressing.

It is expected that it will take several decades until the end of a large-scale project in the US and EU, but if the project succeeds, we can construct a kind of "virtual brain" that can exchange signals between neurons through artificial synapses It is thought.

Also, if memory downloading is possible, it is expected to be able to upload memory.PhotogeneticsIn the field of,Channel rhodopsin 2There is a technique to activate specific neurons by the DNA of photosensitivity proteins such as in mouse experimentsArtificially evoke specific memory, form a false memoryIt has been proven to be possible.

Regarding the movie "Self / Lesbian" as well, in order to transfer consciousness to a young body, it means that the consciousness that originally entered into the body died. For that reason, it may seem that what these technologies will realize is "very frightening" in a sense.

It seems that the technology of SF will be reality any longer, but since the human brain is incredibly complicated, there seems to be no technology that can change all consciousness at the moment Thing.

Because the number of synapses in the human brain is much greater than the number of stars in one galaxy, and the brain constantly rebuilds its composition. Just by copying the configuration of the synapse associated with a certain moment, it is said that one human being will have a lifetime of time.

Although no one knows when innovative technologies will appear in any era, technologies such as the movie "self / less" will be established in the future not so far. If that happens, it will be the world that "natural consciousness transplant" that downloads and transfers its consciousness, and "sharing consciousness" that uploads his experience and experience to others.

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