The universe-scale open world RPG "No Man's Sky" that was full of mysteries appeared at Sony's presentation

"E3 2015At the press conference held at Sony, the space-scale open world RPG has already been announced as "No Man's Sky"The play movie was screened, and the details of the game enveloped in the mystery have become clear.

PlayStation® E3 Experience 2015

Mr. SEAN MURRAY of HELLO GAMES has appeared.

I will actually play No Man's Sky announced at last year's "E 3 2014".

On a spaceship ... ...

Explore the unknown galaxy.

The map set on the universe is huge enough to surprise.

For example, if you want to search for the star shown in the image, press "□" in conjunction with the controller. There seems to be many stars that seem to be able to explore.

Warp to the stars!

From the stratosphere ......

Landing at a stretch.

I succeeded in landing.

No Man's Sky is a point of view of FPS.

An enemy like a robot appears. The robot is like a guardian that protects stars.

You can also explore underwater.

After exploring the stars ......

Upload data.

The game will proceed like a feeling like. I am looking forward to seeing when No Man's Sky set in the vast universe is completed.

Next is the latest work of Media Molecule known for the LittleBigPlanet series.

LittleBigPlanet's cute world view is inherited.

Players can create original characters.

The latest work of Media Molecule is "Dreams" release date is undecided.

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The latest movie of "DREAMS" was added.

DREAMS - E3 2015 | PS4 - YouTube

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