How much does it cost to actually make Jurassic Park?

movies"Jurassic Park'S fourth work "Jurassic World"Is finally released in the United States and will be screened from 5th August 2015 even in Japan. If you were to actually make that Jurassic Park, this would be calculated by calculating how much money you need.

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Jurassic Park was filmed in 1993 by Director Stephen Spielberg based on SF novel.

A magnificent world where dinosaurs are used to nature.

How much will it cost if you create a scale Jurassic Park in the real world?

Let's estimate.

First of all, there are two uninhabited islands in the south country to make Jurassic Park.

One island that actually makes Jurassic Park.

Another is an island to grow dinosaurs.

Let's make two islands off Costa Rica.

According to Costa Rica real estate website, the island of 66 square miles (about 170 million square meters) is about 10 billion dollars (about 1.2 trillion yen).

Professional R & D is necessary for making Jurassic Park.

Genetic engineering, animal keepers, paleontologists, computer engineers, lawyers, etc.

In the movie, I collected the dinosaurs from mosquito fossils in amber, took out the dinosaur DNA and analyzed it and reproduced the dinosaurs.

That means that just mining a large amount of amber costs a great deal.

Of course, considerable expense is also required to make cloned creatures from DNA.

The cost of making a cloned dog is about 150,000 dollars (about 18 million yen).

50 kinds of dinosaurs are necessary for Jurassic Park.

The sum of the necessary amount to reproduce these dinosaurs is 25.4 million dollars (about 3.1 billion yen).

Next you need the construction cost of the park.

Cool Jeep

Protection fence for Tyrannosaurus


A control device for current flowing to the fence is necessary.

The construction cost of Jurassic Park should be larger than any theme park in the world.

However, I estimate it to be an average of 1.5 billion dollars (about 180 billion yen), which is the average cost of building a huge theme park all over the world.

Also, the maintenance cost of the park is necessary.

It is said that the maintenance cost of Disney Land is US $ 11.7 billion (about 1.4 trillion yen) annually.

As for Jurassic Park, it is estimated that it will cost about Disneyland maintenance cost, so that 1.44 trillion yen is recorded.

The cost of dinosaur breeding is also foolish.

Because it is that huge body after all.

The largest zoo in the world is San Diego Zoo.

We are breeding more than 650 kinds of animals at San Diego Zoo.

The breeding cost is annual amount of 207 million dollars (about 25.5 billion yen).

Jurassic Park will cost around 25.5 billion yen.

That's why the total cost of creating Jurassic Park is 23,443,240,000 dollars (about 2.893 trillion yen).

And the total maintenance cost of the year is 11,197 million dollars (about 1.4 trillion yen).

To this, plus, it costs expenses to "clean up the dinosaur's hun".

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