What is "five isolated islands" born from the epidemic history such as plague and Spanish cold?

ByGarry Knight

It was called "black death"PlagueAndTyphus,yellow fever,Spanish cold,LeprosyAnd other epidemic epidemic diseases have deprived a lot of people's lives. The development of medical treatment has made it possible to reduce the risk of infectious diseases, but until the development of the vaccine it is natural that countermeasures such as "isolation" were taken against strong infectious diseases with a high mortality rate It may be a history. Born to prevent the spread of such infectious diseases "Isolated island"Is summarized by Hakai Magazine.

Five Islands We Are Really Sick Of | Hakai Magazine

◆ 1: Santa Maria di Nazare (Italy)

ByBaltasar Vischi

In the 14th century Europe, about 30% of the total population lost their lives as a result of the plague of plague which has the alias "Black Death". It is said that Pesto first landed in Europe is Italy in 1347 and I noticed that a powerful infectious disease has landed from the Mediterranean portRepublic of VeniceThe authorities have created a law to forcibly anchor a ship that arrived at the port for quarantine for 40 days. This "40 days" is said to have come from the period when Jesus Christ tempted by the devil wandered the desert, but it was also correct as the latent period of the plague.

In 1377Ragusa(Dubrovnik) Started isolation of plague-infected persons on isolated islands. According to that, the Republic of Venice started isolation of infected people on the island of Santa Maria di Nazareth, which resulted in the creation of the "isolated island" with the world's first comprehensive inspection center. Because of that influence, "Nazareth" included in the name of the island is the etymology of "Azaretto" in Italian, and it is said that it is used as a word meaning isolating diseases even in modern times.

◆ 2: Partridge Island (Canada)

ByMagnus Manske

It occurred in the 1840'sPotato famine, Among the Irish people who stapleed potatoes, a hatred who was said to be more than one million people came out. Millions of Irish people set out as immigrants to the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc to escape from famine, but as typhus which popular in famine was epidemic, three in ten people in immigrant ship He was dead without stepping on the new place.

Canada is in New Brunswick Province to prepare for massive immigration inflows suffering from typhusPartridge IslandUsed as an isolated island of infected people. Approximately 100,000 Ireland refugees arrived in Canada in 1847, of which 15,000 were staying on Partridge Island. After the vaccine of typhus typhus was invented, the official record that partridge ridge quarantine station was closed in 1942 remains.

◆ 3: Flores Island (Uruguay)


In the late 1800s, Brazil / Rio de Janeiro was a hotbed of yellow fever. The censorship of yellow fever at that time was done on three islands including Forest Island in Uruguay, and we will monitor 24 hours on the first island first. People with signs of illness were transported to the hospital on the second island by rail and isolated. It seems that an efficient censoring system consisting of three islands was constructed, when dead in this process is sent to the crematoria on the third island.

◆ 4: American Samoa


Since 1915American SamoaMr. John Martin Poyer served as the governor. In 1918, worldwideSpanish coldWhen the epidemic began, the Poyer Governor will implement an idea that takes advantage of the mechanism of 'Isolated Island' as a side effect. It blocks the American Samoan area and anchors all landing ships for 5 days. NearbyWestern SamoaSo one in five people died of a Spanish cold, but American Samoa became one of the world 's best places in the world that did not put out the dead in Spain' s cold.

◆ 5: Okajima Kaidan

Korea's founded in 1916Okagajimi gardenIs a sanatorium for isolation treatment of leprosy. It is said that admission patients at that time were forced to work for forced labor, sterilization without anesthesia, and medical experiments. In 1945Okaga genocide incidentThere are also cases that have caused 82 victims, but now it has been renamed to "National Kogajima Hospital" and has survived. Although many former patients who recovered from leprosy have many trauma because they received trauma, they are small kashima hospital which became the last leprosy sanatoria in the world, but in modern times people's spiritual care was done It is said that.

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