Touch controller woven into clothing etc. Future technologies developed by Google "Jacquard" and "Soli"?

Google's event for developers "Google I / O 2015"In addition to the main announcement, a number of interesting projects have been announced, we can incorporate touch sensors into the fabric, touch the clothes and control the equipment"Project Jacquard"Of the sensor using technology such as radar"Project SoliIt seems that it was on display.

Touch-sensitive fabric and tiny radar chips: hands-on with Google's ridiculous new tech | The Verge

You can see how "Project Jacquard" and "Project Soli" are working in the movie of The Verge below.

First of all, from "Project Jacquard".

In the booth in the hall, fabrics like jeans are spread on the table. It seems that the portion pointed to by the reporter of The Verge can be used as a controller.

Actually moving the finger moved the display on the monitor in a drastic manner. As you can see from the movie, there seems to be almost no delay to the movement of the finger.

When pushing your finger "gut", the height of the mountain displayed on the screen also changed. It seems to have a function to sense pressure.

It supports multiple taps with multiple fingers.

It seems that it was also possible to control the smartphone using "Jacquard".

The operation method is like this. The sensor woven into the fabric is visible on the surface in a lattice pattern, when you tap on it, the screen turns on / off, swiping left and right changes the display color, and the volume can be raised and lowered with the up and down swipe It seems.

You can see the actual operation in the movie.

The back side of the fabric of the prototype item is like this.

With this, it seems like you can operate the device by tracing your jacket or jeans with your finger, just like using a trackpad on a laptop.

You can see what kind of idea was made by reading the following article.

Movie to understand well about Google project "Project Jacquard" incorporating sensors in fabric - GIGAZINE

And a project demo of "Project Soli" was placed next to "Jacquard". Four monitors are placed on the yellow table and the movement and position of the user's hand read by the sensor in the center of the lower table are displayed.

The Verge reporter who tried actually holding hands.

A line graph is displayed on the monitor and you can see how the hand height is being continuously read. It seems that this screen shows a change in height, but on another screen I was able to see the tracking position.

Interestingly, Soli is able to sense even if there are some obstacles on the sensor. Even if you place a black cardboard on the sensor as follows ...

A graph is displayed. Although it seems that some noise is on, it seems to be a level that can be dealt with by processing after tracking.

A reporter in The Verge who actually operated it talks about how he gave it a little at a loss, "How can I use this?" Compared to "Project Jacquard" which seems to be highly practical, "Project Soli" can not imagine the actual use scenes, but the accumulation of such technologies is the basis for the next generation of innovative technologies maybe.

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