Jawbone filed lawsuit against Fitbit that confidential information was stolen using employees

Handling wearable fitness products etc. "JawboneHowever, as confidential information was stolen illegally, the competitor "FitbitIt is reported at the New York Times that appealed.

Jawbone Accuses Fitbit of Stealing Information by Hiring Workers Away - NYTimes.com

On May 27, 2015 as a court in California, Fitbit systematically hired employees of Jawbone and stole unreasonably important product informationJawbone sued Fitbit (PDF note). Jawbone's lawyer says Fitbit has robbed human resources, company secrets and intellectual property from Jawbone. In addition, Jawbone said it is a policy to request economic loss as well.

Be a research companyNPD GroupAccording to the data, Fitbit has 85% market share in the wearable device market, sales are over 1 billion dollars (about 124 billion yen), and in May 2015Fund raising of US $ 100 million (approx. 12.4 billion yen) by IPOWe are trying to do it, and we are trying to stand advantage in the market of wearable devices.

Since its establishment, Fibit has increased the number of device sales (blue), sales (gray), active users (black) to the right.

According to the lawsuit, at the beginning of 2015, Fitbit recruiters contact one-third of Jawbone's employees, among them those who decided to retire from Jawbone and decide to move to Fitbit , I deleted logs etc and passed the USB memory containing the program to prevent the behavior from being tracked, and stolen confidential information.

One of them, Mr. Anna Rosario, did not tell Jawbone the information until April 22, despite being employed by Fitbit around April 16 as a user experienced researcher. It has been pointed out that on April 20th we had discussions about managing product management and Jawbone's future plans and stealing materials that outlines future products. Mr. Rosario was questioned about this in the retirement interview and initially denied it, but later admitted that he downloaded data on market trends and situations. Mr. Patrick Naron, who was in charge of audio products, also told the retirement schedule of lies in the same way, and has been complained that it leaked out future product plans which are confidential information.

Fitbit's Marty Rome CPO (Chief Responsible for Personnel) around Join 17th announces to Jawbone that he acknowledges that "Fitbit acknowledges that Fitbit is pulling out the employee of the competitor Jawbone" In that case, there was no mention of stealing confidential information at that time. Currently, Fitbit does not comment on this subject.

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