Demonstration that the communication speed of the explosion speed also solves the millimeter wave of the task distance that the radio wave can reach

A radio wave having a wavelength of 1 to 10 mm (frequency of 30 to 300 GHz)Millimeter waveIt is said that it will be the leading role of next generation ultrahigh-speed wireless communication, but because of its narrow directivity, it has a problem that practical application is difficult. KDDI is demonstrating the weak point of ultra high speed wireless communication by such millimeter wave in a simple wayWireless Japan 2015I was at the venue.

Arrived at the KDDI booth.

The theme is "millimeter wave communication in vehicles spreading by reflection"

That's why there is a demonstration that actually reproduces the sheets in the train.

Tablet terminal on the second row of sheets.

An access point that gives millimeter waves in the front.

Although it is an access point just a few meters away, communication on the millimeter wave is obstructed greatly by the front seat in a straight line, and the communication speed drastically decreases.

The secret weapon that appears there is a "reflector" ....

It is said that it bounces the millimeter wave on the reflector and aims at the receiver like billiards.

Ultra high-speed communication exceeding 1 Gbps is possible in the state of ant reflector. If there is no reflector, the speed will decrease sharply.

If you interfere with trying a little bit of hands, the communication speed is about to be unmeasurable. I can understand the severity of radio interference by millimeter wave with a single shot.

Practical application of super high-speed communication realized with millimeter wave depends on how to clear the radio interference, not only the reflector but also a beam that exquisitely adjusts the direction of the radio waves to aim the receiver at pinpoint Switching technology and others are studied.

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