The US government has released a list of books Bin Laden has read

Terrorist organization al QaedaOsama bin LadenA list of books and documents which seemed to have been seized from the hiding place at the time of the murder of Mr. Kim,United States State Information SecretaryHas been released. Some of the books that Mr. bin Laden had had include books on conspiracy theory and books on terrorist organizations and it is interesting content.

Bin Ladin's Bookshelf

US government releases Osama bin Laden's letters, conspiracy books, and software manuals | The Verge

The list of published books is as follows.

◆ English Language Books(39 foreign books)

01:The 2030 Spike: Countdown to Global Catastrophe(2030 spike waveform: Countdown to the collapse of the world) / Colin Mason

Under the analysis that the six problems of oil problem, population increase, poverty, global temperature change, food and water shortage, lawless zone bring about global crisis by 2030, which is to avoid human crisis A book that wrote about how to take such behavior.

02:Islam Guide/ I. A. Ibrahim

This Islam guide is to understand Islam (Muslim), Muslim (Muslim, Muslim), Quran (Koran). Information, reference materials, bibliography list, illustrations are abundantly included. It has been reviewed and edited by many professors and intellectuals. It is concise and easy to read, but contains many scientific information.

03:America's Strategic Blunders: Intelligence Analysis and National Security Policy, 1936-1991(American strategic failure: information analysis and national security policy) / Willard C. Matthias

An author who was enrolled in the US military intelligence agency during World War II analyzed the national security policy of the US government and the documents of the former Soviet Union and the military leaders disregarded the intelligence agency's judgment It is clear that it has resulted in the conclusion that the intelligence agencies should be used successfully in the war to reduce sacrifices.

04:America's "War on Terrorism"(America's "War on Terror") / Michel Chossudovsky

9.11 A book that uncovered the militaristic American policy that the United States leads its own country and the whole world in the military direction and threatens the future of humanity as a result of the terrorist attacks.

05:From 'Abû Reuter to' Irhâbî 007: Al-Qaeda's Online Media Strategies(Al-Qaeda's online media strategy: from Abu · Reuter to terrorist 007) / Hanna Rogan

Al Qaeda uses web media to make worldwide Muslim JihadJihad) It is analyzing the web media by Muslims, documents, sounds, videos etc. actually exchanged on the web, and the full text is released as a PDF file free of charge.

06:American democracy that can be bought with money/ Greg Palast

The best seller that exposed the America's farce intensely!

American democracy is a democracy bought with money conveniently managed by rich clubs rich crowd gather. Extremely dry revealing non-fiction that uncovers the American farce of jealousy dreadfully.

GREG · PARAST is "The greatest research press reporter in this era" ("Tribune"), the most disliked by the White House, which the legendary investigative journalism journalist revels! The journalists of the four continents Between them is a legendary presence. Palast did not borrow anyone's hand, scooped the most scandalous story that happened in the last decade.

07: (PDF file)The Best Enemy Money Can Buy(Enemy that can be bought with money) / Antony C. Sutton
The military technology of the Soviet Union strongly depends on the United States and the Allied Powers, and contradictions are stated that the United States is investing 300 billion dollars (about 36 trillion yen) of military expenditure a year to protect his country I will.

08: (PDF file)Black Box Voting Ballot Tampering in the 21st Century(Unauthorized electronic ballot box) / Beverly Harris
In the election that introduced the electronic ballot box, it became easier for fraud to occur than in the past, and the ballot boxBlack boxIt raised the problem that it was made.

09:Bloodlines of the Illuminati(IlluminatiBlood flow) / Fritz Springmeier
A book that revealed the genealogy of the secret society Illuminati that existed in reality based on information heard from several influential people in the United States.

Ten:Limit the world war against terrorism/ Jeffrey Record

This year is the third year since the United States began a world war against terrorism. This war began as a battle against an organization that attempted hatred attacks on September 11, 2001, but immediately proceeded to a more ambitious plan covering the invasion to Iraq and occupation governance . As part of the fight against terrorism, the United States not only wiped out the world filled with terrorism as a means of violence, but also after the dictatorship regime and for the Middle East where the economy is still stagnant, a successful democratic lighthouse in Iraq I promised to change to.

Professor Jeffrey R. Record said three characteristics of the fight against terrorism that had been defined and implemented so far: (1) the criteria for assessing the threat of terrorists the administration of the United States of America (2) the object of the object of the war of the United States Possibility of realization (3) We examined the political, financial and military sustainability of this war. He argued that the war with terrorism, contrary to military operations against Al Qaeda, lacks strategic clarity, assumes unrealistic goals and may not be able to continue to become a long-term battle I concluded. He advocates reducing the scale of the war against terrorism, taking into account the specific US security interests and limits of American military power.

The Institute of Strategic Research wishes that this research paper transcends war goals and policies with terrorism and contributes to national security discussions.

11:Checking Iran's Nuclear Ambitions(Iran's ambition to preserve nuclear weapons) / Henry Sokolski, Patrick Clawson

Iran became famous for terrorist organizations with weapons of mass destruction. The US government is wary of Iran 's support for terrorist organizations, but also a book that I recommend that Iran need to think about strategies for not obtaining nuclear weapons.

12:Christianity and Islam in Spain, 756-1031 A. d.(Christianity and Islam in Spain)/ C. R. Haines
Describing the difference between Islam and Christianity in Spain.

13: (PDF file)Civil Democratic Islam: Partners, Resources, and Strategies/ Cheryl Benard
A book that considered the structure that produces a better interaction between the West and the Islamic world.

14:Economic · Hit Man America to Feed Developing Countries/ John Perkins

Employees of the World Bank, major consulting firms in the United States, engineering companies, etc. are deeply involved in the economic plan of developing countries as "Economic · Hitman" (EHM), with a tremendous debt burden, and receiving orders for development business for American companies The dollar is refluxed to the United States by making it. Although such a mechanism has been known for some time, this book is valuable as the parties have disclosed.

15:The Conspirators Hierarchy: The Committee of Three Hundred(Factional hierarchy) / John Coleman

A citizen often talks about "someone is manipulating the world" ... ... but this book outlined the 'super elite' who is actually moving the world. The author said that he wrote this book for 40 years, and some of the customer reviews say "It is like a fear movie if this book that states that no one can stop or fight a plan of an organization is true" It was written.

16:Crossing the Rubicon: America's Descent into Fascism at the End of the Age of Oil(Crossing the Rubicon river) / Michael C. Ruppert

As Julius Caesar overcoming the Rubicon River and overcoming the Hannibal changed the way the world afterwards, the event on September 11 also caused the empire to collapse, saying, "The war on terrorism is based on America It is a book that investigated the possibility that it is a smoke curtain of oil-collecting. "

17:Fortifying Pakistan: The Role of U.s. Internal Security Assistance (Perspectives)(Fortification to Pakistan) / C. Christine Fair, Peter Chalk

We investigated whether domestic security and criminal justice in Pakistan are effective structures, and we are considering the possibility that American assistance is interfering with Pakistan's long-term prosperity.

18:On Air Defense (The Military Profession)(Air Defense of the Military) / James D. Crabtree

From the fact that gunners used the cannon to shoot down balloons in the French Revolution, they studied air defense from all angles, even ballistic missiles in the Gulf War.

19:Handbook of International Law(Law of the World) / Anthony Aust

A book that can be said to be a handbook of international law covering various laws such as environmental law and aeronautics law. It explains the basic concepts and principles of international law and the differences between domestic law and international law area.

20:Hegemony or Survival: America's Quest for Global Dominance (The American Empire Project)(Hegemony or Survival: Worldwide Rule of America) / Noam Chomsky

Norm Chomsky, the world's leading intellectual, is doing a compelling analysis of the United States pursuing a complete control system and, as a result, a catastrophic future that will definitely occur.

America is trying to make not only the earth, but the military range of the sky which is the last unarmed spot left at hand. For the Bush administration, the earth and the sky are the last frontier of imperialist rule. In 'Hegemony or Survival', Norm Chomsky tells us how we faced this situation, what type of dangers we are in, what our rulers crisis for the future of humanity I am trying to find out whether I am trying to get into it.

With a striking theory as a trademark, Chomsky examine the American attitude aiming at the hegemony of the world in detail, and keep track of the aggressive policy of the US government trying to attain "complete control" at all costs. To the hegemonism that how policies with diverse elements such as militarization of the universe, ballistic missile defense program, unilateral disarmament theory, demolition of international consensus, response to the Iraq crisis ultimately endanger the survival of human beings Explain why it is linked to the urge of In our era, Chomsky insists that imperialism will turn the earth into barren land.

"Hegemony or Survival" supported by rigorous and rigorous accounts and thorough argumentation is sure to spark a wide range of controversies over the years as Chomsky's extremely important and comprehensive work.

twenty one:Imperial Hubris: Why the West Is Losing the War on Terror(Arrogance of the Empire: Why does the West defeat the wars against terrorism) / Michael Scheuer

Anonymous authors are senior officials of the US intelligence agency who gathered information about Afghanistan and South Asia for nearly 20 years.
The US leaders are trying to make the world believe the outcome of the battle with Al Qaeda, but in reality, we are defeated by the war with terrorism. Our enemies will become even stronger unless the leaders realize irrelevantly chosen mistakes in the way they chose irresponsibly. Anonymous authors, who are one of the information agency authorities, reveal it.
We believe that the Muslims are attacking is not our action but our existence and thought (saying the leaders' words). According to the author, the greatest danger for Americans who confront the Islamic threat is this belief. Vocal political logic teaches us that Islamic society has no democratic freedom, civil liberties, gender blend, or religion and separation of Western society. Certainly, the various aspects of modern society are shaking the conservatism of the Islamic society, but Islamic leaders who set up jihad against the national organization of cooperative universities and coeducational universities directly, such as the democracy, Not in.
Islam's growing forces strongly deny that it is a specific policy of the United States and it is military, political and economic behavior related to it. The skill of Osama bin Laden that used the rise of anti-American sentiment is not in calling for jihad, but continues to preach that Islam is exposed to American attacks as an obvious fact It is in that. Al-Qaeda's statement states that America is defending the corrupt Islamic regime, that it unjustly supports Israel, that he occupied Afghanistan and Iraq and that he is devoting real complaints of the world I blame. Advocates of bin Laden believe that their problems are this way and believe there is a solution in battle.
What they are aiming for is not to destroy our secular democratic society, but to destroy obvious attacks on their territory, society and religion at all costs.
Anonymous authors say that unless American leaders recognize this fact and adjust their policies internationally, the Islamic moderators will run to the bin Laden camp.

22: (PDF file)In pursuit of Allah's Pleasure (English Edition)(Pursuit of pleasure of Allah) / Dr. Naahah Ibrahim, Asim Abdul Maajid, Esaam Ud-Deen
In pursuit of Allah's Pleasure explains the complete methodology in Islam. What Muslims do to pursue Allah's joy, such as "Akida" meaning creed, "Dowa" of missionary work, "jihad" of the holy war, "Hilafa" meaning the powerful person representing the populace Well, its details are explained.

twenty three:International Relations Theory and the Asia-Pacific(International Relations Theory and Asia Pacific Region) / G. John Ikenberry, Michael Mastanduno

"What is going on in the Asia-Pacific region a couple of years?" "To understand the complex relationships of China, Japan, and the USA, which are grasping the future of politics and economics in the region The relationship between the three countries that balance the Asia-Pacific region, such as "What is necessary?" Was analyzed by academics of the world's top international relations theory and summarized their views, "International Relations Theory and The Asia-Pacific ".

twenty four:Killing Hope: U. S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II(Armament interference by American forces and CIA since World War II) / William Blum

"Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions since World War II" is a book on military intervention of the US military after World War II and military operations of CIA. This book was written by Mr. William Blum, a former US Department of State worker and has a focus on American foreign policy.

twenty five:Why does not it correctly communicate - Informatics research in war/ John Hughes-Wilson

The most important thing in information is not to gather data, but to see if there is imagination to see the "intent" beyond that. Lessons of failure in warfare alarming to network age.

26:Project MKULTRA, the CIA's program of research in behavioral modification: Joint hearing before the Select Committee on Intelligence and the Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research of the Committee on Human Resources, United States Senate, Ninety-fifth Congress, first session, August 3, 1977(MK Ultra Plan) / United States. Congress. Senate. Select Committee on Intelligence

"Project MKULTRA" is a book detailing the brainwashing experiments that the CIA conducted since World War II. Experiments using chemical and biological means have been conducted with the citizens of the United States and Canada as subjects and the documents on the whole picture are compiled by the University of Michigan Library,Public on the Internetdoing.

27:Necessary Illusions: Thought Control in Democratic Societies (Cbc Massey Lecture)(Essential hallucinations: speech control in democratic society) / Noom Chomsky

"Necessary Illusions: Thought Control in Democratic Societies (Cbc Massey Lecture)" is also an American linguist and philosopherNoom · ChomskyA book that Mr. wrote about American mass media. Mr. Takahashi develops his thesis that the American media is a powerful power opposite to the weak and is part of a hegemon country.

28:The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions About the Bush Administration and 9/11(New Pearl Harbor attack: Bush administration and anxious doubts to 9.11) /Richard Falk,David Ray Griffin

A joint book by Mr. Richard Fork, a lawyer, and David Ray Griffin, a theologian and philosopher. Two people analyze the terrorist attacks in the United States from the viewpoint of "who gained the benefit"? It is a content which doubts the fact being reported.

29:New Political Religions, or an Analysis of Modern Terrorism (Eric Voegelin Institute Series in Political Philosophy)(Analysis of New Political Religion and Modern Terrorism) / Barry Cooper

Author Barry Cooper analyzed the act of terrorism in modern times from "spiritual motivation" and explained this by applying to the theory which Erik Fegelin, a political philosopher, spoke.

30:Obama's War/ Bob Woodward

9. Obama, who took office as president from 11 to 11 years, has settled the stalemate Afghanistan war with the tribal control territory of the Pakistan - Afghanistan border zone, which is a hotbed of terrorists, as the top priority of the administration. The nation's No. 1 best seller who represented the United States journalist with the Obama administration · CIA · military situation in numerous secret information and overwhelming coverage.

Obama 's war Bob Woodward' s internal secretary, Present details as raw: Nikkei newspaper

This book is the fifth whitehouse innovation thing since "Bush's War". After entering the Obama administration it will be the first one.

The evaluation of this book will change greatly depending on what you expect from this book. You can definitely fulfill curiosity like stealing a state room situation in the basement of the White House from the keyhole. Do you view this as a clear record of the Obama administration 's formulation of Afghan policies? Or is it regarded as an excessive depiction of Washington's inside game?

31:The Oxford History of Modern War(History of Modern War) / Charles Townsend

A book that spells out how the technology, technology and strategy of war changed in the military revolution that took place from the 17th century to the present. It describes the forms of various wars to be done in the land, the sea and the sky, the relation between women and war, and the law of disturbance of war.

32:The rise and fall of the major version of the decision - the transition of economy from 1500 to 2000 and the military struggle/ Paul Kennedy

As this title is titled, it analyzes the rise and decline of the great country at that time, between 1500 and 2000. In the first volume, it began with Ming (China), Ottoman Turkey, through the Hapsburg family until the First World War. Although it is an analysis of the past, of course, "warming innovation" and future prospects are the author's ultimate purpose.

Although the definition of a large country is difficult, it can be said that it is overwhelmingly superior to other countries in "wealth and armed force" in general. For this reason, the subtitle is named "Economy" and "Military", but the author declines that it is neither a book of military warfare or an economic book. However, the content written is still mostly about military power and economic power. The biggest feature of this book is that they digitize them in detail. Population (= military power), war expenses, gross national product, steel production, defense expenses, production volume of tanks, etc. are on parade of numerical analysis. Only the argument is convincing. And as one of the factors to suddenly change these factors, we cite technical innovation like "Industrial Revolution" and change of international situation · power balance.

However, the authors say that the progress of such a situation can not be controlled by any country or individual, only by "flowing in time", it is only "steering" that it is Oriental. A definitive edition of the history of "the rise of the great powers" that does not lose sight of the overall bird's-eye view while performing a calm analysis based on numerical backing.

33:Rogue State: A Guide to the World's Only Superpower(Nazial nation: the way to becoming a country with the world's best power) / William Blum

Those who read this book may be stunned by various "terrorist acts" that have been engaged in the past in the United States. Information listed in this book is clearly written on the source of information and it seems to be credible as it is, but it deals with only the state crime of the United States and does not address that of the former Soviet Union There is a point lacking balance. However, despite this, it is valuable information for us who tend to be unilaterally tied to the information from the USA rather than it is a valuable book. Although the threat of terrorists is screaming loudly, the state is involved in most of the serious terrorist incidents occurring in the world. That Al Qaeda would not have been too strong if it had not been supported by the United States. I think the opponent we should most fear is the state, especially America that became the only superpower. Is not it necessary to seriously think about how to go out with that mighty power?

34:The Secret Teachings of All Ages(Significance leading to all generations) / Manly P. Hall

Best selling that one million copies have been published since it was published in 1928. We explored the common themes of past ancient myths and philosophy / religion, and revealed sanctuary in various religious traditions.

35:Private-owned central bank - the nation's tragedy deprived of sovereignty/ Eustase Mullins

It reveals the origins enveloped by the conspiracy of the central bank of the United States and at the same time it exposes the fact that it is the basic tool of the global Zionist imperialism and terrorism. The only historic note on the secretly powerful Federal Reserve.

36:The taking of America, 1-2-3(Attraction of America) / Richard E Sprague
A detailed document on the background of the assassination of President Kennedy, the process of the presidential election and the election process, revealing the existence of shadowing the democracy of the United States of America.

37:Unfinished Business: U.S. Overseas Military Presence in the 21st Century (English Edition)(What the US Navy left behind in the 21st century) / Michael E. O'Hanlon

This book discusses the reorganization of military bases outside the United States that was launched in the early days of the Bush administration. It is about learning about the outline and policies of the US military overseas areas.

38:The United States and Vietnam, 1787-1941(USA and Vietnam from 1787 to 1941) / Robert Hopkins Miller

Robert Hopkins Miller, a diplomat professional in Southeast Asia, explained the relationship between America and Vietnam before the Vietnam War. He explained the details of the diplomatic and economic strategy the United States had done for Vietnam and it also helps to understand the country of Vietnam.

39:ICv 2: Website Claims Steve Jackson Game Foretold 9/11

Pop culture site with "content of Steve Jackson's game foreseeing 9.11"ICv2Article by.

Also, in addition to books, documents that were declassed this time are released both in original and in English.

◆ Now Declassified Material(Letters that Mr. bin Laden conveyed the fear in latency to the companion, documents that wrote members of al-Qaeda, letters written as "From Usama Bin Muhammad Bin Ladin to the American people" at the destination, this time confidential treatment 103 points released document)
◆ Publicly Available U.S. Government Documents(75 points published by the US government)
◆ Material Published by Violent Extremists & Terror Groups(35 points by extremists and terror organizations)
◆ Materials Regarding France(19 points concerning France)
◆ Media Articles(33 articles by media)
◆ Other Religious Documents(11 religious documents)
◆ Think Tank & Other Studies(40 points concerning think tanks and other research)
◆ Software & Technical Manuals(30 software / technical documents)
◆ Other Miscellaneous Documents(Other unclassified documents 14 points)
◆ Documents Probably Used by Other Compound Residents(10 points such as a game strategy book presumed to be used by latent neighbors)

There are hundreds of confiscated documents still under confidential treatment, and it is planned to publish them sequentially after carefully examining the contents.

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