Headline news on May 12, 2015

Olympus adopted titanium body color of the single lens reflex camera "OM - 3Ti" of the film era to "OM - D E - M5 Mark II" digital single lens reflex cameraOM-D E-M5 Mark II Limited Edition KitWe will release. It is a kit limited to 7000 units worldwide, with owner's cards serial number listed, genuine leather strap, real leather card case set. It is scheduled to be released late June, the price is Olympus' online shop18 million yen.

By the way, GIGAZINE's past article on the same day of the same month was like this.

"Transparent water color trial sheet" which made trial paint possible by placing a small amount of 108 Holobein transparent water color on a sheet little by little - GIGAZINE

Windows 8-like task manager available on Windows 7 "DBCTaskman" - GIGAZINE

I want to know for Japan in the coming future reality of disparate society in Central America - GIGAZINE

Fascinated by German Heinz Stucke who keeps traveling the world's best bicycle from 22 years old to 50 years - GIGAZINE

A super gigantic bike "HELL" which can be easily trampled by passenger car - GIGAZINE

The oldest woman in the world who has never taken medicine, dies at the age of 130 - GIGAZINE

◆ Story (memo · various others)
Magic Mirror folding crane folding JK to make her crotch spread - Society: Nikkan Sports

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Toshima-ku (Tokyo Metropolitan Government) suspected that the Metropolitan Police Department was in violation of the Labor Standards Law (work restrictions on dangerous hazardous work), as a girls' high school student (JK) showed the guests over the Magic Mirror that they would fold folding cranes in such a way that they could see underwear It was found on Monday that he was arresting three people including a manager's store called "JK workshop" (41), interviewing investigators.

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Virus remains after Ebola hemorrhagic recovery NHK News

Empathy ability in rat: "I have to help" Fellows react to watering - Mainichi Newspaper

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
Earthquake in Nepal M7.4 NHK News

Last announcement by Ms. Ugusis and Kayo Mizutani of Hanshin Koshien stadium (Doi Miyomi) - Individual - Yahoo! News

Toshiba, Three Anxieties Whispered by Settlement Postponement: Nikkei Business Online

Wife made a parachute to kill murder? Detainment of British Sergeant, women survived a miracle photograph 1 international news: AFPBB News

Victoria who had abundant experiences in descending parachutes succeeded in slowing down the place which had been descending at about 160 kilometers per hour despite the fact that neither the parachute nor the emergency canopy (umbrella) was opened. Just before hitting the ground, a part of the canopy opened.

"Metropolitan concept" decides the decline of Osaka "extraordinary substitute" | DOL special report | diamond online

Batan · huh ha ... life sound analysis, watching the elderly Fujitsu: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Ambulance: "Charging" suggested Treasury Department, for mild subjects - Mainichi Newspapers

Teacher drink alcoholic drive, Fukuoka city and also banquet self-restraint cancellation frequent, shop is "weeping sleepy" - West Japan newspaper

Painful news (No ∀ `): Korea" Stop crackdown on Korean fishing boats in Japanese waters "" Japan is bad "" Abe can be driven out "- Livedoor blog

Mitsubishi 3 companies to sell Shonan monorail, number of users sluggish: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Teacher qualification "To national licensing" common test also assumed Liberal Democratic Party Recommendation: Asahi Shimbun Digital

"Ajinomoto" domestic production withdrawal Acting in the history of the first century: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
Ministry of Finance Faculty and staff trial calculation of reduction of 40,000 people in 9 years NHK News

Murakami Haruki's creative practice - pha's diary

【Sad news】 Caffeine drinks my sweet end w wwwwwww: Kini speed

German sausage and domestic ezoshika and horsemeat sausage set with pickle 3 remaining - Rocketboy Digital

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
Apology for partial non-credit advertising cases in published native advertisements | Cyber ​​Agent Co., Ltd.

As a member company of JIAA and participants of the native advertisement review subcommittee, we are engaged in formulating "native advertising guidelines". Despite being in a position to comply with credit notation in native advertisements in order to protect users who view native advertisements and to ensure the reliability of the native ads themselves, they dealt with advertisements that did not represent credit in some cases It was discovered by the in - house survey. Because the in-house education and management including the group company was not done enough, we deeply apologize for the fact that such a problem occurred, apologize and apologize, while also trying to prevent reoccurrence, strengthening the compliance system and raising awareness I will do it.

Mystery apology about native add (advertisement article) is posted from Cyber ​​Agent (Ichiro Yamamoto) - Individual - Yahoo! News

Mr. Mi Xi finished this book is a laugh and only a laugh The graph has been created |

【Breaking News】 DeNA, sales declined by 21% in fiscal year 2003 · Operating profit decreased by 53% and landed steeply Landing ... due to sluggish domestic game business such as "Mobage" | Social Game Info

DeNA and ZMP establish a joint venture company to realize robot taxi business utilizing automatic driving technology | DeNA · Inc. 【DeNA】

Goodbye, May Disease! How to use Hatena - Let's start Hatena

Japan regulates if regulating drone "Shinya Matsuura" Exploring the interface between people, technology and information "

Until the end of the Cold War in the late 1980s, Drone 's guidance and control technology was mostly owned by developed country governments, mostly for military purposes. The necessary technical standards and procurement costs were high, so it was not very easy to use. For private use, the hobby radio control model was at most. In the case of Japan in the case of Japan, the radio control was also accused of being "dangerous to play with such things", thanks to the fact that leading politicians of Liberal Democratic Party Sonoda Nao (1913 - 1984) had a hobby model, it was finally dedicated It was a situation that the radio wave band could be secured. In the US it seems that rich people of hobbyists made radio-controlled personal computers, fans were discovering that the airplane on which no person was flying was discovering a fuss, etc. However, it is said that it has a big influence on society as a whole There was nothing.

Japan's sports TV broadcasting right also rises on the Net Freaks landing? : Nikkei Business Online

Inmate to IT entrepreneur Train programmers at US prison: Asahi Shimbun Digital

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Painful news (No ∀ `): 【Image】 Horikawa-kun's" Mr. Sazae "is too magical to talk about - Livedoor blog

【Quick News】 "Monster Strike" Animation Decision! Further release of Nintendo 3DS version will be released | Social Game Info

[NS] A game that selects too many people. WiiU "Xenoblade Cross" Clear Review

[NS] Nintendo's new advertising strategy showed at "Splatoon completion demonstration trial"

After all it was interesting Supatoon and Roller Buki - various horizontal thinking

Microsoft, please apologize to Cure Diamond right now. : Flow list of past talk stories and viewer rating etc. Summary: So-net blog

"THE NEXT GENERATION Patlabor Capital Battle Battle" The identity of "difference" different from animation: movie blog

Unlimited blue text archive: the day when animation picked up dance "Blood Battle Front" Thing that is in the ending drawing

Content does not die. Author dies - Lord Rano ^ 0 ^ / Light novel special information site

Home electronics breeding type RPG | Appliances girls × SHARP

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Today (5/12) giants' two batters batting wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww: What's Jiyui Stadium @ N J Summary

What J PRIDE: 【Baseball】 Senichi Hoshino who made Hanshin Rakuten a powerful moment only

Hiroshima / Arai Takahiro, return. There is no influence of injury (dislocation) (personal story) ←: Hiroshima Toyo Carpter summary blog | Kappu Bun

The truth of the theory that "watered the day before the emperor prize" / horse race · race / daily sports online

Interpretation changes experienced at the interview by Haaril Hojic (Director Tomokazu Utsunomiya) - Individual - Yahoo! News

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~ The king of banana "Dessert King" is used for a new dessert! ~

M. ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 7-14 mm F 2. 8 PRO | M. ZUIKO PRO | Olympus

M. ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 8 mm F 1.8 Fisheye PRO | M. ZUIKO PRO | Olympus

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