"Vitamin C lies against cold prevention", "lie of folklore therapy such as prevention of cold by drinking alcohol" and true

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Various folk remedies exist as coping methods when colds are pulled and prevention methods to avoid catching a cold, such as "wrapping leeks on the neck", "getting footbath", "ingesting vitamin C". Do these actually work? So, the British stationBBCThere are really effective private therapy and what is not so.

BBC - Future - Dos and don 's for common colds

One thing that is generally said to be good for health is "to take vitamin C and vitamin D". However, it is in CanadaMichael Allan, University of Alberta researcherAccording to the intake of vitamin C, the effect of ingestion of vitamin C is scientific grounds, and those who burden the body on a daily basis like a marathon runner are useful for the prevention of disease, but they live an average life In the case of people, the risk of disease will only decrease by about 3%.

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On the other hand, children aged 6 to 8 who have continued taking zinc trochees are less likely to get colds 1 to 1.5 less times a year than children who did not take them, and the period during which colds are drawn is also shortened by research It is known that zinc is more effective for preventing colds than vitamin C and vitamin D. However, considering that the zinc troche tastes bad and needs to be ingested throughout the year in order to have an effect, 'Allan is not necessarily recommended,' Allan said.

Moreover, although the act of "drinking every night" is basically considered as bad for the body, recent studies have revealed that "moderate routine drinking makes it difficult to catch a cold". At this time, care should be taken that wine has an effect, but beer has no effect, the effect depends on the type of liquor. Although there is no confirmation at the initial stage of the research, at least it seems that there is no need to feel guilty for drinking.

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Furthermore, antibiotics to drink when sick is targeted to bacteria, so be careful as the cold caused by the virus has no effect. Moreover, the risk of diarrhea increases because it kills the bacteria in the belly rather than having no effect. If an adult suffers from a cold, it is recommended that you take medicines that suppress each symptom, such as marketed drugs and analgesics that combine antihistamines and decongestants, although there are individual differences in efficacy.

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The efficacy of herbal therapy has not been demonstrated, but the effect of honey has been proven. In a study of a 3 year old child, I know that by eating a spoonful of honey directly before going to bed, I can relieve the symptoms of a cold rather than drinking a cold syrup. Also, in research targeting adults,Effective to cure persistent cough in coffee with honeyIt turned out. It is unknown what kind of mechanism the effect will appear, but "It is worth a try", Allan said.

There is also a report that "patients who feel that" doctors are sympathizing "feel better after treatment". this isDeclaration of the symptom actually done by the patientWhen,Numerical values ​​actually measured by activation of immunityAlthough it is a fact known from both, it is unknown at this moment whether "empathy from family" is also effective. However, even when various treatments did not succeed, the BBC is summarizing that feeling will be easier by getting sympathy of others.

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