Commercial automatic driving truck is approved for running on public road for the first time in the world

At the Hoover Dam in the Colorado River / Black Canyon located in the state boundary between Arizona State and Nevada State in the USA,Daimler(Daimler) developed a number of ceremonies to attach license plates to the automatic operation trucks. This automatic operation track is "Freightliner Inspiration TruckIt is called a commercial automatic driving car authorized to travel on the public road for the first time in the world.

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Autonomous truck cleared to drive on US roads for the first time - tech - 08 May 2015 - New Scientist

This is "Freightliner Inspiration Truck". It is a system called "Highway Pilot" that enables automatic operation.

The driver's seat is like this.

The automatic operation truck which gained the number will run an automatic driving on the expressway, but the driver needs to sit in the driver's seat at all times to monitor the system and can also operate the driving as needed So worrying that the truck goes out of town without anyone getting on ... ... is useless.

In the transportation industry, automatic driving trucks are considered an epoch-making technology leading to "fuel cost reduction" and "rest of the driver". Over the past few years, the automated driving car has repeated various tests, but most of them have been repeatedly running on the same route, or only in safe experiments where there are no people or other cars.

Daimler's "Freightliner Inspiration Truck" was developed in such a situation. Highway · pilot can accelerate / decelerate more slowly than a human driver, or run multiple automatic driving trucks at the same time to reduce air resistance, so it is possible to reduce traffic congestion on the highway to environmental conservation by reducing fuel It is expected to be a useful system as well. You can see how the "Freightliner Inspiration Truck" track is based on the following movie.

Freightliner Inspiration Truck - Platooning Technology - YouTube

This is "Freightliner Inspiration Truck".

When "Freightliner Inspiration Truck" is lined up before and after, vehicles communicate with each other ... ...

Keep proper inter-vehicle distance. Safe driving can be realized by communicating with each other such as acceleration / deceleration timing.

Keeping the proper distance between the cars optimizes the air resistance of the truck.

If three trucks are connected, the average 5.3% can be reduced, and if five trucks are connected, the average fuel can be reduced by 6.0%.

It is a terrible air resistance control ... ....

Other, or running so that it does not extend beyond the travel lane in the highway-pilot, has been able to perform automatically also change the speed so that it does not collide with the front and rear of the vehicle. It is made up of cameras and radars attached to the dashboard part of the truck, and it is possible to recognize up to 100 meters for the camera and up to 250 meters for the radar. As the name suggests, highway pilots are systems for driving on expressways, so if you get off the freeway, the driver needs to drive the truck yourself. In addition, drivers can turn off the highway / pilot system at any time, as drivers need to overtake vehicles and change lanes.

The state of the ceremony held at Hoover Dam is like this.

Super luxury

A moment when a license plate is attached, which is a proof that the running of a road is authorized.

The appearance of "Freightliner Inspiration Truck" appearing in the ceremony held at Hoover Dam can also be seen in the following movies.

Freightliner Inspiration Truck - YouTube

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