Jaguar · Land Rover is developing an automatic driving car for offroad

Automotive manufacturers under the umbrella of Tata Motors,Jaguar · Land RoverHas been developing the automatic driving car equipped with a system that properly judges the environment even off-road.

Land Rover All-Terrain Self-Driving Research - YouTube

Since the movie is to show what kind of technology is being developed to the last, the professional driver rides and is driving.

First of all, from 'Terrain-based speed adaption (TBSA)' according to terrain.

Land Rover running on unpaved road

TBSA is in a valid state.

Change the course here where there is a puddle.

When the sensor detects that the terrain has changed ...

It will automatically decelerate.

Pass the puddle safely.

Once again confirm the change in the topography ......

The speed automatically returned to its original condition.

Next is "Connected Convoy".

Multiple vehicles are connected by wireless data sharing system. Two cars are connected in this movie.

First of all, go ahead CAR 01 arrives at the rock and stops temporarily.

In CAR 02, the information that "CAR 01 has stopped" is transmitted.

At CAR 01, the driver adjusted the "Terrain Response", which allows the driver to switch between driving modes, in accordance with the mode that was in accordance with the route that will run from now.

Then, it rushes into the place where the huge rock rolls and rolls.

This information is transmitted to CAR 02 ......

When you come to the same place, we will send you advice saying "This terrain response should be good".

From CAR 01, information such as how long the wheel is slipping, how the suspension is, and so on will be sent ....

Based on the obtained information, CAR02 can proceed forward in an optimized state.

The last is "Surface ID".

The vehicle is confirming the change of the road surface condition in front ......

Here we detect entering the gravel road from the paved road.

Then it urges the driver to change "terrain response".

This will ensure safe driving.

As Jaguar and Land Rover, in the future, it is natural to be able to receive the benefits of the automatic driving system on the expressway, and additionally, even if there are unpaved roads on the route, we will continue to benefit I have a goal that I want to make something that I can continue to receive.

Jaguar Land Rover unveils technology to let 4x4 vehicles navigate across mud and snow | Daily Mail Online

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