Orange · cherry taste newly appeared in that Red Bull & how did you actually drink?

Both sales and market share of the world's energy drinkRed BullTo zero calorie "Red Bull Orange Edition"When"Red Bull Cherry Edition", Furthermore" tropical fruit flavor "Red Bull Yellow EditionThree new tastes appeared. The Verge of IT related media actually drinks a new flavor which was just released in the United States and Canada, and has released its impressions.

Red Bull Orange Edition - NEW Flavor out now. :: Energy Drink Editions :: Red Bull USA

Red Bull Cherry Edition - NEW Flavor out now. :: Energy Drink Editions :: Red Bull USA

Red Bull Yellow Edition - Tropical :: Energy Drink Editions :: Red Bull USA

I just drank all of the new Red Bull flavors | The Verge

Red Bull Orange Edition is a drink with orange flavor added to Red Bull containing no calories.

This is Red Bull Cherry Edition. As the name is Red Bull of Cherry Flavor, calories are zero as well as Orange. The new Orange and Cherry are recommended for athletes and businessmen, students and travelers who want to enjoy energy drink calorie free.

And in Japan also blueberry taste released in quantity in 2014 "Red Bull The Blue Edition"Red Bull The Yellow Edition" was newly added to "Cranberry taste" Red Bull The Red Edition ". Red Bull The Yellow Edition is a drink released in the United States as a limited-time drink in the summer of 2014, this time it is sunny and regularized. It seems that you can enjoy the refreshing fruit taste while ingesting the same nutritional ingredients as the regular version of Red Bull with a tropical fruit flavor based drink.

The Verge obtained three new tastes announced this time and conducted tasting. According to The Verge, the Red Bull Orange Edition is modestly sweet, has a bitter bitter taste, but it tastes a bit but it tastes the original Red Bull. Conversely, Red Bull Cherry Edition tastes very similar to the original Red Bull, and the cherry taste is considerably diluted. If you drink in a blindfold state it seems to be a level you do not notice as cherry flavor. Although Red Bull The Yellow Edition based on tropical fruits tastes somewhat bitter and papaya like, there is no such thing as the sight of the beach in the southern country comes to mind the moment you drink it ... did.

Three new tastes of Red Bull are on sale in the United States and Canada. "Red Bull The Blue Edition" and "Red Bull The Red Edition", which began selling in North America in 2013, appeared in Japan as a limited-edition drink in 2014, so the three new tastes are somehow But there is a possibility that it will be on sale, it will take expectations.

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