Slimy crispy moving even with 4K / 60fps video HDMI 2.0 support LCD display "Acer S277HKwmidpp" real machine review

Acer is compatible with HDMI 2.0 from March 2015, 4K Ultra HD liquid crystal display that can reproduce image quality up to 4K / 60fps with only one HDMI cable "S277HKwmidpp"We sell. Although I did not know that the improvement of the picture quality stayed, finally the level of 4K + 60fps came up to a place close to familiar, but what kind of picture can be seen with this model that corresponds to such picture quality, trying out with real machine Did.

S277 HKwmidpp | Monitor - Technical specifications and reviews - Acer

Acer first! HDMI 2.0 input terminal equipped 4K Ultra HD liquid crystal display "S277HKwmidpp" announced ~ Release on March 11th (Wed) ~

◆ Photo review
Acer "S277HKwmidpp" received to the editorial department is here. It is equipped with 4-inch Ultra HD liquid crystal display (UHD) of 27 inches, 3840 x 2160 pixels, the size of the display part is 614 x 406 mm, the height including the frame is 451 mm. It adopts IPS (In-plane Switching) liquid crystal with a contrast ratio of 100,000,000: 1, luminance of 300 cd / m², adopting "zero frame" structure with display arranged near the edge of the main body.

The back is like this, not symmetrical, the stand is set slightly to the left side.

The stand is made of metal and stable. The weight including the stand is 5.4 kg, the occupied area when the display is placed (Footprint) Is 614 mm wide × 154 mm deep.

Various connectors are intensively placed at the base of the stand. The video input terminals were DisplayPort × 1, MiniDP × 1, HDMI 2.0 × 1, DVI × 1, the audio input / output terminal was headphone output × 1, Audio IN × 1, and the power adapter terminal.

The power switch and various operation buttons are arranged in an inconspicuous part under the display. The biggest button is the power switch.

So, first try connecting the power adapter and the HDMI cable. S277 HKwmidpp is fully compatible with HDMI 2.0, and it is a high-spec model that supports 4K / 60fps video with a single cable.

Connection with the PC is completed. The PC used this timeCube PC with a small cube PC water cooled and additional graphic board, Grabo equipped is MSI "GTX 960 2 GD 5 T OC". It is equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 and is compatible with HDMI 2.0.

First of all, it is the size of the desktop to realize the 4K display. The icon in the upper left corner of the screen is about this size, it is a moment that is overwhelmed by a wide desktop anyway.

I tried capturing the whole screen. Clicking on the image opens the full size image (about 1.41 MB), so you should be able to feel the size of the screen.

By the way, the menu screen displayed by pushing the button looks something like this. Press the button once to display the menu, icons such as power saving setting, multiple screen setting, detailed setting, volume, input switching are arranged from the left

When you press the button under the icon, the detailed setting screen etc. will be displayed as below.

Looking at the properties of the screen, we were able to confirm that it is connected at 3840 × 2160, 60 Hz.

◆ I enjoyed 4K video, 60fps video, and 4K / 60fps video
Where the setting was confirmed, I immediately decided to look at various images to confirm the capabilities of S277 HKwmidpp. First of all, on YouTubeGoPro Official ChannelPlay the 4K movie uploaded to. A movie taken with GoPro HERO 4, it is possible to select images of up to 4 K / 30 fps.

GoPro: Tomorrowland in 4K - YouTube

The picture is called the world's largest festivalTomorrowlandTaken with GoPro. It is difficult to reproduce the actual picture quality because the picture of the display was taken with the camera, but with the feeling actually seen, it reproduced clearly the picture finely captured in detail, thanks to the fine display I got the impression that the colorful sight was clearly displayed.

Next, let's see expressiveness of 60 fps. I used the action game "Grand Theft Auto VA movie that the play of 1080p / 60fps was put.

Grand Theft Auto V (PS 4 / XB 1 / PC) - First Person Mode Trailer (60 fps) [1080 p] TRUE - HD QUALITY - YouTube

The feeling of nullurul in a scene with intense movement is a level which can be perceived as "obviously different" at a glance. Even those who almost never felt dissatisfied at 30 fps, it is frightening to become accustomed as Ala becomes conspicuous as soon as you see 60 fps. Car action that can be unfolded at a tremendous speed is too smooth, so it seems strange that it feels like the feeling of speed is gone, so it is mysterious.

Finally, in order to try the best performance of this display, let's play 4K / 60fps movies. This time, I prepared open source 3D graphic software "Blender"CG animation" Big Buck Bunny "is a 4K version.

Big Buck Bunny 3D

From the site, it is possible to download not only usual 2D images but also 3D playback images using dedicated equipment. This time, I downloaded "4 K, Quad-Full-HD (3840 x 2160): 60 fps" (capacity 642 MB) of "Standard 2 D".

When I played it immediately, a heavy frame dropping occurred in places of the image. Although it can be imagined that it is certainly a content that requires high machine power, in spite of that it is a matter of imagining for a momentum dropping too much. Apparently the problem lies in the setting on the PC side, it turned out that the performance of the graphic card was not fully demonstrated. I will take a countermeasure.

First, install "K-Lite Codec Pack" free software that can easily install codecs and players required for movie playback at once. The procedure can be understood by referring to the following article.

"K-Lite Codec Pack" free software that can easily install codecs and players required for movie playback at once - GIGAZINE

When the installation is completed, a lightweight media player "MPC-HC(Media Player Classic - Home Cinema) "can be used. Launch MPC-HC and double-click "LAV Video Decorder" displayed on the tool bar.

If you select the type of graphics card you are using from the pull-down menu of "Hardware Acceleration" on the "Video Setting" tab of the displayed window and check that "UHD (4K)" is checked It is OK.

When I played the movie again in this state, the image full of nuisaku feeling obviously different from the previous one was played and a surprised voice appeared as "This is 4K / 60fps ability!" The appearance of the landscape and the texture of the hair of the character are precisely reproduced, and it makes you feel an outstanding presence.

Even if you look up, it is a level that feels almost no dot feeling or screen aura. The feeling of realism is dramatically improved because of the image which does not feel the particle feeling and the smooth movement, and it feels the existence of the air which can not be seen in the screen. Another editorial staff who was watching from behind said, "This is 3D video, what is different, why are there such depths?" Surprised voice was raised.

Furthermore, even few PC games correspond to a few 4K / 60fps picture qualityGrand Theft Auto VI tried to actually play instead of YouTube, but a lot of chakki occurred on the screen. If you check the setting screen of the game, the situation is that you can not keep up with 4K / 60fps because video memory is overwhelmingly short. It was a moment when I was keenly aware that the equipment was also required for high specs if asking for the result of the best class.

In addition, not only images with intense movement are good at experts, but works with nature appearing in high-quality images are reproduced neatly.

WILDLIFE IN 4K (ULTRA HD) 60 fps - YouTube

The color of the tiger's coat and color of feathers with peacock's colorful colors, etc., were reproduced as if you misunderstood.

Acer's 4K Ultra HD liquid crystal display "S277 HKwmidpp" is on sale at each mass merchandiser and online shop such as Amazon. The price at Amazon was 95,580 yen including tax. Although it is a somewhat expensive class as a display, it was a model that makes you feel the performance just enough to convince the price if you see the picture. Acer 27-inch wide liquid crystal display (non-glossy / 3840x2160 4K 2K / 300 cd / 100000000: 1/4 ms / white S277 HKwmidpp: personal computer · peripheral equipment

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