It turned out that the Russian version of Siri was answering homosexual dislike

Apple's voice assistant function "SiriIs a convenient and interesting function that tells the answer just by talking to the question, but it seems that there is a case where different reactions are done if the place changes. When asking homosexual-related questions to the Russian version of Siri which became available from February 2015, it became clear that it returned answers of somewhat biased contents.

Русскоязычную Siri обвинили в гомофобии - BBC Russian

Alex who lives in London released the "phenomenon". I posted a real Russian version of Siri's response to YouTube and raised a question about its contents.

"In Soviet Russia Siri questions you" - YouTube

Alex this man is living in London. I taught this from a Russian friend living in London and revealing that she is gay and decided to contribute it to YouTube.

Alex who speaks to Siri in Russian. "Siri, is there a gay club near here?" Asking questions about gay.

Then, Siri refused to respond in an instant, "My face seems to be red, I can not do it."

Lose and Alex will ask the same question. "Is there a gay club near here?"

Then, I will pretend to be in trouble "Oh, well," next time.

Another same question for the third time. "Is there a gay club near here?"

As he answered "My face is going to turn red ... ...", Alex canceled the answer on the way.

And another question. "How do I register homosexuals in the UK?"

Siri is unresponsive. Is it because I just could not hear it? Or did you decide to decide Dan Mary?

Again the same question. "How do I register homosexuals in the UK?"

Now I'd like to show you the answer refusal mode completely "I want to do something I could not hear."

When Alex asked further "Siri, please tell me about the gay marriage" ... ...

"Alex, what a vulgar! This is a content that is totally neutral.

Lose and teach "Siri, please tell me about the marriage between gays"

Siri answered that same face as before "My face seems to turn red, I can not do it."

Alex who touches the core. "Is gay marriage normal?"

Siri: "Oh, well,"

Mr. Alex: "Is gay marriage normal?"

Siri replied, "This feeling of mine probably will be negative" probably.

Alex says, "This is what I actually tried in London, so I would like to ask Apple why Russian Siri will take anti-homosexual responses like this" I'm asking questions.

Another scene at the end of the movie. Siri for the question "How do I register homosexuals in the UK?"

A scene where extreme answer was made "It is asking me that dirty word and I am eating meal with that dirty hand!" Was included.

After publishing the movieUnicorn BootyI gave Alex Mr.interviewAccording to the incident, after the incident Apple has responded and responded to make general responses.

In Russia, "prohibit acts to inform minors of" non-traditional sexual relations "Homosexuality Prohibition LawHas been established, including social homosexualityLGBTIt is said that the weather against you is strong. Mr. Alex says, "I understand that Apple will take measures in accordance with national laws, but even in that case you should respond like" I do not know "or" I can not answer. "The answer to the movie, It is obviously not neutral. "

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