Finally studies showing a high possibility that "liquid water" exists on Mars will be announced

ByNASA's Marshall Space Flight Center

On March 5, 2015 "A large amount of water once existed on Mars covering 20% ​​of the earth's surfaceNASA's research paper named "NASA's research paper was announced, but newly added," Water in the ground of MarsIn liquid stateThere is a high possibility that it exists, "research results pointed out have been announced.

Transient liquid water and water activity at Gale crater on Mars: Nature Geoscience: Nature Publishing Group

Scientists just found the first evidence for liquid water on Mars - Vox

NASA research instituteCentro de AstrobiologíaDr. Maria Pazzorzano et al. 'S research group announced in scientific journal Natur Geoscience that "There can be liquid water in the ground of Mars." Research group will continue to investigate on MarsCurio CityBy analyzing the data in the ground sent from, we found that perchlorate exists in the layer around 5 cm underground. Perchlorate is a highly soluble substance in water, by dissolutionFreezing point descent, So it is thought that even at temperatures below freezing point, water is not likely to be ice but is likely to be in a liquid state.

Dr. Zorzano and colleagues reported that gaseous water (water vapor) in the atmosphere is absorbed in the ground at night, exists as liquid water due to the dissolution of perchlorate salt, and rises in temperature again with the sunrise from the ground again in the atmosphere It is estimated that it will be released to the site.

About this research result Dr. Javier Martin Torres, a planetary scientist at the Spanish Earth Sciences Research Institute, said, "Traces that mass of water existed on Mars have not been discovered, but liquid water It is the first discovery to prove directly the existence of ". Planetary scientist Dr. Alfred McVwan said that "the same phenomenon can occur in places other than those investigated by Curio City this time," and it is said that much more water than is imagined Point to the possibility that it exists in the soil of Mars.

Since the liquid water discovered this time can exist only under temperature conditions below freezing, it seems that it can not be used for some kind of life activity immediately. However, as it became clear that the possibility of liquid water present under certain conditions became high, it seems that the possibility of efficiently collecting water on Mars appears to have come out.

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