What is the "sea" that sleeps inside the earth?

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Such as the Pacific and the Atlantic OceanVolume of "sea"It is estimated to be 137 kilometers (10 18 18) meters and it is said to occupy 97% of the moisture above the earth. However, it is clear that a large amount of water as well as sea water on the earth exists in the interior of the earth.

Dehydration melting at the top of the lower mantle

Hydrous mantle transition zone indicated by ringwoodite included within diamond: Nature: Nature Publishing Group

Massive 'ocean' discovered towards Earth's core - environment - 12 June 2014 - New Scientist

The proposition "Is there water in the earth?" Has been a matter of controversy over the schedule due to discussions among scientists. In recent years, the answer is about to be unraveled.

In 1969 minerals were discovered from the meteorites, called "ringwoodite" (olivine) which was hardened by high pressure. Ringwoodite has the characteristic of absorbing and retaining moisture of more than 1% of weight,MantleIt has been thought that it is also included in the earth existence was not confirmed.

In March 2014, the research group of Dr. Graham Pearson of Dr. Alberta University of Canada etc discovered Ring Utdite for the first time on the earth and scientific journalAnnounced at NatureThen, it became clear that there is Ring Udite in the earth as well. Dr. Pearson wrote diamond clusters collected in Brazil YuinaX-ray diffractionAs a result of analyzing it over several years, I was able to detect that it contained a slight ringwoodite component.

The existence of Ringwoodite on the earth was confirmed, which strongly presumed the possibility that Ringwoodite in the mantle was holding moisture, the scientific journal dated June 13, 2014Science, And the research team of Dr. Steve Jacobsen of Northwestern University confirmed the presence of moisture in the ring woodtowed layer of 700 kilometers underground.

Dr. Jacobsen used 2000 seismographs to measure 500 typesSeismic waveWas measured. Because the velocity of the seismic waves differs depending on the rocks passing through, it is possible to investigate the type of the rock existing in the basement by measuring this velocity, where the velocity decreases when the seismic wave transmitted through the rock hits moisture I will. Dr. Jacobsen measured the velocity of the seismic waves and confirmed the deceleration due to moisture and confirmed the existence of Ringwoodite containing moisture near the boundary where the mantle layer underground of 700 kilometers is divided into two layers.

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According to Dr. Jacobsen, water exists under the temperature / pressure of 700 kilometers underground so that water is squeezed out from ring woodite. From this discovery, it is estimated that the Earth's interior contains three times as much water as the sea water on Earth, "It is sufficient proof that the sea water on Earth came from the mantle inside the Earth Dr. Jacobsen thinks. "

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