What did UFO crash accident "Ghost Rocket" not found out even by country survey?

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Unidentified flying objectThe case of witnessing the UFO has been reported all over the world and it is a very worrisome question what the identity of the object witnessed is not an occult fan. In Northern Europe Sweden, about 1,000 unidentified flying objects were reported in 1946, some of them witnessed eyewitness testimonies of the crash, and the search for objects that crashed with the country was done, but nothing was found Before, after "Ghost rocketEven now it is named and many mysteries are left.

Ghost Rockets - The Mystery Continues

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In 1946, in Sweden, reports of suspicious flying objects flighting over the sky were reported one after another, and according to the witness's testimony, the flying objects were shaped like a cylinder without wings, and flying in a straight line, suddenly He said that he was doing unusual movements such as going in the opposite direction. In the same year in AugustPerseid meteor showerAlthough it was thought that a mysterious flying object was a meteor, it was said that it is not a meteor because it made an unnatural movement.

Suspicion following meteor was used in Germany during World War IIV1 flying bombis. The V1 flight bomb was fired from the Pennemünde Army Weapons Experiment Station in Pennemünde, Germany during the Second World War, and the former Soviet Union managed the experiment site after the war. The former Soviet Union did not destroy the V1 flight bomb but was supposed to have been conducting a launch experiment to use it for later weapons development under strict control, thinking that the tested V1 flight bomb is the identity of the ghost rocket It was done. An eyewitness report that goes like a cylinder or going in the opposite direction was thought to be similar to the movement of the V1 flight bomb.

However, the V1 flight bomb theory is also denied by the Swedish government. The reason for being denied was that sightings reports such as "I was occasionally proceeding slowly" and "loud sounds" did not match the characteristics of the V1 flight bomb, and no physical evidence such as fragments of the V1 flight bomb was found It is in that.

However, because there are too many witness reports, the Swedish government investigated a massive survey on the lake called Kölmjärv where the military was thrown and a crash of the flying object was reported. The survey took place over three weeks and found something like a big crater where aquatic plants were stripped off at the bottom of the lake. However, no fragments of crashed objects were discovered, it became obvious that something crashed, but the identity of the object was not even found in the military survey.

Since Sweden did not find the details even if it threw military, the United States and the UK will ask Sweden to send a team with the latest equipment of the time, but we are advancing a strong neutral policy that does not participate in war Sweden is refusing to offer both countries concerned that neutral positions will be shaken.

Although it is a ghost rocket which entered labyrinth without success in the survey by nation, there is an organization which has continued investigation forever to find out its identity. "UFO-SwedenOrganizations named the company continue to conduct research independently, gather all kinds of reports on the ghost rocket, finally gained credit from Sweden, succeeded in acquiring a report that the country treated top secret for a long time. In addition, we conducted a survey twice in 2012 and 2014 at Kölmjärv, which Sweden investigated. And, documentary work which included the investigation until 2015 "The Ghost Rockets"We produced the trailer and released it.

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In 1946, in Sweden there were over 1000 reports of seeing a mysterious rocket.

"What did the Swedish people see?" And attracted much attention from abroad.

In order to clarify the identity of a mysterious flying object named ghost rocket, UFO - Sweden conducted a survey on ghost rocket from 1970 and finally it will be recognized organization from the country and obtain secret documents concerning ghost rocket I succeed in doing.

Many sightings reports are included in top secret documents, and there are things that show flight paths of flying objects.

Does this mystery picture represent the shape of a flying object?

The couple who witnessed the ghost rocket in 1946 will appear in the documentary.

According to the couple, the ghost rocket approached the Kölmjärv of the lake while slowing down the speed, and it turned down and sank in the form of landing on the lake. It is a couple's claim that he did not crash but landing.

Check the location of Kölmjärv on the map ... ....

UFO - Sweden actually heads to the lake.

It is a very worrisome point in the The Ghost Rockets whether the truth of the ghost rocket will be revealed. From 1946 it is good to check the ghost rocket that has been enigmatic for many years, who is anxious about The Ghost Rockets. The Ghost Rockets,Official siteIt is scheduled to be released soon.

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