I tried juicy but chewy juicy juice snack snack though it was a snack

Natural Lawson Limited "Juicy Juice Juice Snack"Lemon flavor and mango flavor were sold on March 31. I tried eating snacks that I do not know well just by listening to Justy with calicari, with anxiety and expectation.

"Because it is everyday, please cherish." Natural Lawson

This is "lean taste of chewing juicy juice snack". The price is 108 yen including tax.

Raw materials are sweetened milk, lemon juice, vegetable oil, sugar, orange peel, modified starch. Calories are 113 kcal per bag (24 g).

Strong new sense of calicari.

It comes with orange peel.

"Juicy Juicy Juice Snack" is a series of proposals for fresh fun fruits by skilled maker "California Mr. Yoshikawa" who is the manufacturer.

Open the bag and check the size and make it smaller. Heart shaped.

Orange peel was sparse, but it was contained.

There was no scent of spice, and I did not particularly smell of lemon. When trying to eat it is crisp and hard soy sauce crackers and Calbee's "Rubber potatoWith a texture close to that, you can taste lemon with sour taste as much as you can chew.

Next, "mango taste of chewing juicy juice snack". The price is 108 yen including tax.

Ingredients are sugar cane milk, mango, mango juice, vegetable oil, sugar, lemon juice, modified starch. Calories are 112 kcal per bag (24 g).

Enriched mango juice.

Mango taste is also one of Yoshikawa fruit shop series.

Like the lemon taste, I did not smell the mango. Here, too, the taste of a slightly sweet mango starts to cringe.

Also, because it is hard, there were many things keeping heart shape without much shape collapse.

"Cooking juicy juice snack" is a sweet with a different texture from general potato chips, so it is a perfect commodity for people who want to change their mood or want to refresh. In addition, chewingly juicy juice snacks are regionally limited products of only Natural Lawson in the Kanto region.

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