Apple's "Fitness Laboratory" which was the most important secret for Apple Watch published 2 years

"Apple Watch" of Apple's first smart watch is announced, and pre-orders will start in Japan on April 10, 2015 (Friday 2015). Apple Watch has a fitness function "HealthKit" that measures daily steps, heart rate, calories burned, but Apple's "Fitness Laboratory", which had been considered top secret for two years to develop such HealthKit, Was released for the first time in the interview of ABC News.

Inside Apple's Top Secret Health and Fitness Lab for Apple Watch Development - ABC News

You can see what kind of facility Apple's "Fitness Laboratory" is based on the following movie.

The Secrets Behind Apple Watch's Most-Anticipated Feature - YouTube

A reporter of ABC News opens the door of the fitness laboratory and infiltrates it. It does not look like there is something related to fitness with a plain appearance.

There are plenty of fitness machines inside.

There was room with mirror that can do yoga and stretch. Masks and devices attached by all exercisers are devices that measure heart rate, respiration rate, calorie consumption, etc.

A woman who answers with a hand sign when asked "How are you feeling?" I am exercising at Apple's employees and are involved in collecting development data as a volunteer. He has exercised under various circumstances for two years and has contributed to the development of HealthKit, but it seems that volunteer employees were exercising without being informed of the purpose before Apple Watch was announced.

Some rooms can control humidity and temperature so that you can test Apple Watch under all circumstances.

"We flew from Alaska to Dubai to test Apple Watch under various circumstances, but after the research institute, we controlled the environment in the extreme," said Jeff Williams, senior vice president of Apple Operations. It is now possible to gather accurate data, "explaining the history of the establishment of the Institute.

In addition, Apple has announced "ResearchKit" that can provide tracking data collected by iPhone and Apple Watch to medical institutions. Dr. Michael McConnell, professor at Stanford Medicine Cardiovascular Department, predicts, "Apple's new technology will have a major impact on cardiovascular and other cardiovascular medical technologies."

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