I have eaten "cold stone creamery" with "rich" Sakura-no Ao Mao "that combines almond cherries and ice cream and" rich "Amaou" which is scented with vanilla

It will mix ice cream and nuts and fruits on a stone board cooled to -9 degrees after receiving the orderCold Stone CreameryFrom a frozen drink and an ice cream combinedCooliesof"Rich "Amourou""When"Rich "Sakura mocha Mai""Was released. Since it is said that it is a limited-time product only for spring, I actually went to a shop and ate it.

Rich "Ao Ou" | Coolly's | Cold Stone Creamery Japan Cold Stone Creamery Japan

Rich "Sakura mocha Mai" | Coolly's | Cold Stone Creamery Japan Cold Stone Creamery Japan

Arrived at Coldstone.

Also at the shop, I found a picture of Coolies Rich Milk "Amuou".

I will place an order immediately.

When ordering "Rich" Amaou "and" Rich "Sakura-no Ao Mao", the clerk places the ice on the stone board and squeezes it together, singing the original "Asura no Uta".

That is why this is "Rich" Amaou "and" Rich "Sakura-no Ao Mao".

There are three types of size of Coolies, S · M · L, this time I ordered M size. Compared with iPhone 5, it is about this size.

First of all, from 'Rich' Sakura mocha Mai '. Strawberry milk frozen drinks are contained in the cup and on top of itSwallowAnd Sakurakonchi Ice Cream are mixed is put on it.

The combination of light pink cherry cherry ice cream and red almonds is also gorgeous in appearance.

When I tried it, the ice cream had a faint saltiness and a distinctive scent, and the cherry tree was well reproduced. It is a perfection degree that I want to order with this ice single item, like a sticky texture of ice cream melted just right.

Under the ice is a frozen drink that combines milk and strawberry. The ice cream on the drink is sweet, but the frozen drinks are modest in sweetness, and the taste of milk and strawberries has been felt firmly.

It contains plenty of flesh of Amurua, and adds accent of sweet and sour to milk and ice cream.

Next is "Rich" "Ashoou"

Unlike 'Rich' Sakura-no Ao Mao '', on top of the frozen drink is a mixture of French vanilla ice cream and crushed bean paste. "Rich" Sakura-no Ao Mao "was slightly salty, but this is a ice cream with a stronger flavor of vanilla, a simple and standard taste. People who like strawberry milk should choose this one.

This also contains plenty of strawberry pulp.

The frozen drink under the ice cream was the same as "Rich" Sakura-no Ao Mao ", it was sweet enough to drink straw.

If you like strawberry milk, you should try "rich" Amaou "" and the ball of change ball "Rich" Sakurakami Ao Mao "is like it (Like It / S size) 550 yen including tax, Love it (Labuette / M size) 650 yen including tax, Gotta Have it (Gatta Hub It / L size) includes 950 yen including tax. Both are products for a limited time only for this season, so let's not miss opportunities if you like Sakurakonchi and strawberries.

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