Amazon opened an "Amazon Exclusives" store that gathered successful products at Kickstarter

Cloud Funding 's Kickstarter has been commercializing ideas that have reached the target price by recruiting equity, but stores that Amazon gathered only new products successfully with Kickstarter "Amazon ExclusivesWe have opened.

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Although many useful products are born in Kickstarter, there are many cases where products are sold at their own websites or real shops after commercialization, and it was difficult for consumers to obtain it. So Amazon launched a store "Amazon Exclusives" where consumers can purchase Kickstarter products in the same way as Amazon shopping. Since products ordered with Amazon Exclusives are packed and shipped in Amazon warehouse, Amazon Prime members can apply Free Shipping on the next day (Two-Day Shipping), considering purchase with reference to the review of the review column It will be possible.

It is named "Amazon Exclusives store", but the seller will not be forced to contract exclusive agents. In addition to Amazon Exclusives, it is OK even if you sell products at your website or store, the listing conditions are "products successful with Kickstarter", and even after the product is completed it will be exposed in a huge market called Amazon You can do it.

You can access Amazon Exclusives from the following URL. The glove with a blinker also covered in GIGAZINE "Zackees Turn Signal Gloves"Is already on sale. Amazon Exclusives

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