Google's mobile payment service "Android Pay" turned out to be readily available on existing terminals


Google is using a new mobile payment serviceAndroid PayWe are clarifying at the "Mobile World Congress (MWC)" sphere held in Spain that it is under development. Android Pay can utilize existing hardware as it is, and it is announced that there is merit that service can be used immediately by correspondence of application (API) side.

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Android Pay was revealed by Mr. Sundar Pichai, who oversees Google's Android strategy at the MWC venue. Although details are not yet announced at the present stage, it is clearly stated that NFC (Near Field Communications) by Bluetooth is used first, and later using biometric authentication such as fingerprint authentication as seen in Apple Pay It will also lead to the introduction of security system.

The biggest feature of Android Pay is that on this platformEveryone can build their own payment systemMr. Pichaai said, "I expect that innovative services will be born by using Android Pay's system in China, Africa and other areas."

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The move by Android Pay development by Google is believed to have succeeded the "Apple Pay" which Apple already has started in the United States. Mr. Pichai also has already provided itGoogle WalletAndroid Pay service will be offered in parallel with Android Pay service. Google is a major American telecommunications company AT & T, T - Mobile, Verizon 's settlement services company "Softcard"We are building a cooperative framework with the company, and we are moving forward with the move to actually acquire a part of technology and intellectual property.

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The environment surrounding the online payment system seems to be booming, and it forms part of the Android campSamsung also announces its own settlement system "Samsung Pay"I just did. Samsung Pay is expected to compete with Android Pay, but in this situation Mr. Pichai said that it is in "slightly different timelines" with Samsung, and in the future cooperation and unification of standards We are expressing our attitude towards watching over us.

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