The comments of Americans who compared eating burger such as McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's etc is like this

Speaking of "the taste of mumsukuro" is related to dishes such as meat and potatoes and miso soup, but the movie "IronmanSo Tony Stark, who escaped from Afghanistan in search of Cheese Burger for the first time, is a soul food that resembles "taste of bags" in hamburgers in the United States. A movie that tested whether the favorite hamburger can be hit by comparing eating six kinds of hamburgers such as McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, etc. is published to the American who loves such a hamburger.

Fast Food Burger Taste Test - YouTube

Eat and compare "In-N-Out Burger"Burger King"Carl's Jr.(Carls Junior) ""Five Guys(Five Guys) ""McDonald's"Wendy'sSix kinds of hamburgers. Which is a hamburger is fell down and eaten.

First of all, there are several stores in Japan "Wendies" from.

The man says "This is the fragrance of Wendy's," he seems to like Wendy 's to be able to distinguish by scent.

The man who ate Wendy's did not think "This is **** good" (this is super delicious!) And the broadcast prohibited word pops out. The woman says, "American cheese is also above and below, this is what we are seeking" and it is sticky.

Next, the American chain "In-N-Out Burger". Although it is not in Japan, if it is dared to express it with katakana, it is "eninute burger".

"Omuiger! This is a very energetic," said the man again.

"I do not like this kind of hamburger very much, it seems I did not like it much because I destroyed culture in a certain sense."

Next is American chain only "Carls Junior".

It is a hamburger where meat was used properly, but a couple who asks "This is vegetable burger?"

"Pasa Pasa" "Two of the earlier was juicy but this is Pasapatha Burger"

Is it so much Masui? I gave up both men and women and threw away the rest and threw it.

The famous Burger King in Japan.

"The shape does not change! It's a hamburger coming out in the dining room"

"Pickles are the lowest, it seems that I do not like it much because it must be in China."

I think that Burger King is a higher level as Japan's fast food chain, but the men left behind.

There is no shop in Japan, but "Five Guys" which seems to be high in level from the appearance.

A woman who presents "Saugud" and a mysterious song. The man is "pleasant with plenty of dressing and delicious" in a single mouth.

This couple is like two people saying "Mmm ... ...., Umae!"

And McDonald 's.

The woman says, "I dislike this", but the man is "I'm curious how McDonald's cooks, because I'm perfectly the same taste anywhere," he says calmly.

So, who was able to answer correctly?

Favorite of this couple is Five Guys, but choosing Wendy 's the best thing is this.

When listening to the correct answer, "Great Wonderfuls? It was very tasty!"

Wendy's answered that the next couple was also the best. It seems that my favorite was not Wendy's, but in the future it might be a Wendy's fan.

Wendy 's been selected as the third pair, and Wendyz is very popular. This couple gave a brilliant favorite burger.

Rather than saying In-N-Out Burger, this man also talks about "saying it was Five Guys, the second most delicious," and tells all the hamburgers before hearing the answer He was a strong man.

The correct answer rate was not so high as 1 out of 3 pairs, but was it that it was delicious that the misrepresentations were choosing Wendy's? At present in Japan2 stores in TokyoI am sorry that it can not be eaten whenever I want to eat.

A movie which the same couple eats french fries of the same chain store and compares it is also released.

Fast Food Fries Taste Test - YouTube

There seems to be a difference in potatoes depending on stores depending on seasoning, seasoning, and popularity rankings were also quite different from hamburger. There are many people who like McDonald 's potatoes even in Japan, but it is clear in the movie that "What do Americans eat?"

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