"IBM CogniToys" educational toys that have the brains of IBM's supercomputer Watson and can answer every question

There are many parents who are struggling with the question "Why or why?" From children, and it is common for abandoning their answers and missing opportunities for children's growth. As a "pro for answers" to such "question pro", IBM's super computer "Watson"By utilizing the brains, educational toys that answer every question and doubt, grasp the minds of the child with a humorous response, and strongly support the growth of children"CogniToys"is.

CogniToys: Internet-connected Smart Toys That Learn and Grow by Elemental Path - Kickstarter

I can understand what kind of educational toys CogniToys can see by watching the following movie.

Elemental Path presents CogniToys - KickStarter Video - YouTube

This green dinosaur shaped toy is "CogniToys"

Children are interested in CogniToys.

Hold down the button on the belly of CogniToys and answer whatever you talk to. For example, when speaking to say "My name is Raleigh ..."

"Hi, Raleigh. Best regards" CogniToys responded. A girl who is surprised.

When the boy asks "How far is the distance to the moon?"

"About 250,000 miles (about 400,000 kilometers)", CogniToys.

I also speak to CogniToys. "Can you count up to six?"

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6"

"Wow!" And CogniToys responded.

"My favorite color is orange."

"I like you the color is orange, I will remember," CogniToys. CogniToys remembers the contents of the conversation with each child and evolves itself.

Talking to "Please talk" ... ...

"Let's talk a story together," CogniToys responded.

CogniToys can talk fun with children.

That brain is IBM's supercomputer "Watson"is. The contents spoken to by children are sent to the server via the Internet, processed by Watson, and CogniToys tells the children "answers" that were flicked out.

Donald Coolidge, co-founder of Elemental Path who launched the CogniToys project. "CogniToys is a tool that changes children's learning methods."

Mr. JP · Benini, co-founder of Elemental Path as well. Contest to utilize Watson on mobile "IBM Watson Mobile Developer Challenge"It started with the fact that I won the CogniToys project after winning the title.

Using Watson's advanced cognitive and processing abilities, it is CogniToys to support learning by interacting with children. CogniToys can be customized according to children used. In addition to changing the target age, we can remember the conversation we did earlier, so we will "evolve" what we talk about according to the mastery level.

CogniToys, a smart education tool that can fully utilize IBM 's artificial intelligence, is currently a cloud funding siteKickstarterWe are looking for investment for mass production by setting the target amount to 50,000 dollars (about 6 million yen). In the CogniToys project, you can get a green CogniToys with a contribution of 99 dollars (about 12,000 yen).

CogniToys: Internet-connected Smart Toys That Learn and Grow by Elemental Path - Kickstarter

The deadline for investing in the CogniToys project is until 9:27 PM on March 18, 2015.

IBM announced on 10th February 2015Announced a strategic alliance with SOFTBANK TELECOMThen, Watson 's "Japanese correspondence" is clarified. This is a softbank humanoid robot "PepperAlthough it seems to be an attempt to utilize the brains of Watson in the future, if Watson's brain is to be provided more widely in Japanese content in the future, CogniToys' Japanese correspondence can be expected sufficiently.

Also, IBM automatically converts English speech to text as a function of WatsonSpeech to TextConversely, convert text sentences to speech "Text to Speech"To instantaneously recognize content contents from images and images"Visual Recognition"Can be searched based on the context beyond conventional text matching"Concept Insights"Supporting complex decision support by identifying and comparing multiple options"Tradeoff Analytics"FiveAnnounced expansion of functionsWe are strengthening the function of Watson, for example,Smartphone AssistantYaExamination toolIt seems that it can be expected to be utilized in various fields such as.

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