I tried donuts such as chick-shaped "caramel easter" with crispy cream · donut

Valentine's over, Crispy Cream · Donuts campaign named after Easter in April as early as "Happy Easter!Starting on February 16 (Monday). I was selling pretty donuts in the form of chicks and donut ice using Matcha, so I went to the shop and ate and ate.

Krispy Kreme Donuts | Campaign

Arrived at Crispy Cream · Donut.

After entering the shop and looking at the showcase ......

We found 3 types of donuts for a limited time.

There was also a donut ice cream in the menu, so I will order it at once.

The donut ice offering takes a little longer, and the menu arrives in about 5 minutes to wait.

Donut Ice Matcha & Azuki (450 yen including tax) is donut ice of Japanese taste with powdered green tea ice and granules on top of the warmed original · glazed.

Matcha chocolate sauce and brown rice flakes wrapped in brown sugar and kinako are on the matcha ice cream.

Tsubuhan had firm grain left.

I will try to eat it with a spoon and a fork that look like a cracked spoon.

First of all, trying to eat it from ice cream, the taste of Matcha is much crisp, and it is about the degree of flavor and slightly bitter taste is felt. Since the amount of ice cream is large against warm donuts and the donuts are getting cold, the temperature difference is somewhat making it difficult to enjoy it, but the soft texture of the donut, the mellow texture of ice and flaky crispness You can feel the difference in texture firmly.

Tsubuan matches well with green tea or donuts, but a slightly sweet taste strongly impresses when eating together. It is better to suppress the sweetness a little more or to have a strong bitter taste of matcha.

Three types of donuts are strawberry egg (210 yen including tax), caramel easter (230 yen tax included), and sakura ring (210 yen including tax).

Strawberry Egg draws a pattern of Easter eggs with purine chocolate and strawberry chocolate, decorates strawberry candy, and stuffed with strawberry fillings in it.

A strange pattern is drawn by strawberry chocolate on the donut.

Strawberry candy was also sprinkled.

Once you break an egg-shaped donut and eat it, the taste of strawberry filling is quite sweet, and the taste of strawberry is intensified as the name suggests. Since white chocolate is also used on the surface, the taste of white chocolate was stronger than that of purine chocolate or strawberry chocolate, and it was an impression that it fits well with the taste of strawberries well.

Based on chocolate flavored chocolate, Caramel Easter, which drew chicken face with orange sauce and chocolate, has been reproduced quite well as a chick shape.

There were plenty of roasted almonds.

The eyeball is made of chocolate, and orange sauce is used for mouth.

When dividing inside, plenty of caramel flavorings are included,homepageAlthough it was written as modestly sweet in the explanation, it is finished in a sweet and rich taste so that bitterness of caramel can not be felt. I imagined it before eating "I will taste of pudding" when eating with chocolate of purine taste, but it did not become such taste because of the strong taste of caramel.

Almonds feel good compared with soft donuts with a crispy texture. It also has good compatibility with caramel flavoring fillings, and it has become a good accent.

Sakura Ring is a donut with white chocolate and pistachio on top of a white chocolate with Nakajage of Sakura.

The scent of cherry blossoms drifts slightly from the surface of the donut, and white chocolate and green pistachios can be confirmed.

When you try it, the texture is fluffy, the cherry blossom napaje with a slightly sour taste and white chocolate with rich compatibility, pistachio and curled white chocolate are also good accent. Three kinds of donuts of this time are generally finished sweetly, so it seems better to eat with drinks.

The campaign for "Happy Easter!" By Krispy · Cream · Donut is until April 21 (Tuesday).

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