What is "recipe for drinking" as a medicine?

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There are many people who care about food for their health, and nowVarious recipes devisedAlthough it is done, there was a time when "gold" was ingested for the body in the past. Materials of the time remain at what kind of "drinkable money" devised in that era.

Making Drinkable Gold for the King of Siam | The Recipes Project

in ThailandNarayIn the age when the King was ruled, international trade was actively carried out in Thailand under the intention of King Naarai who had a strong interest in technology and academics in other countries. Experts gathered from countries in Southeast Asia including India and China, and many medical knowledge was conveyed in that era. At the same time, in order to have connection with the court of Asia, we adopted a method of "surprise the opponent with Western European medicine"Paris Foreign missionary party(MEP) Catholic missionaries also focused on Thailand with international cities.

And what the king wanted in the interaction with MEP is "drinking money". Gold in the form of ingesting from the mouth is not uncommon, it is treated in traditional medicine in Asia and Europe during the Renaissance period, and in many cases it was a form of mixing gold powder with jewelry, corners of unicorn, spices and so on.

ByAnthony Georgeff

The letters exchanged at that time are still present, and Mr. Rene Charponaut trained as a surgeon said in 1677, "The king wants drinking money, but we can not do anything with our technology, Would you please write me how to make drinking money and refining method, send it in French instead of Latin, do not write it from a scientific point of view, I will not be familiar with it "friends I am sending it to you. In Western medicine "King's drinking money" was required to do missionary work, but it is not easy for MEP, and the letter informs us that the heart is not calm from the letter.

However, drinking money will be questioned about effects from around the 16th century. Pharmacist Nicolas Lefevre tells in his book "Mixing gold powder with medicine will spoil the pharmacies that the Arabs conveyed," denying "the effect of money on the human body" doing. Meanwhile, Mr. Lefebre released many refined gold usage and refining methods from the alchemistic point of view as an expert.

Members of MEP are not simple enough to mix gold powder with medicine, but seriously doing how to make drinking money by this alchemy. However, despite mixing the necessary materials with the glass and heating it, everything got stolen before reaching the required temperature. It worked because it was an amateur, not a person familiar with alchemy, and it did not work. In addition to the above, a method of generating a small explosion, burning and separating according to the book of expert Christophe Graser was adopted. For example, in one method, "after refining gold, a small amount ofaqua regiaThen melt the linen in the liquid, dry it thoroughly, burn it, collect the resulting ash with feathers and use it as a medicine. " Although Mr. Glaser explains the method briefly in the book, it seems that it was difficult for members of MEP. I tried to purify tin but it seemed to be going well, but I could not make anything that the king seemed to be "a wonderful medicine".

ByMartin Strauss

It is obvious that expert hands are necessary to make drinking money to make the King swallow, after all, high officials of MEP who stepped on that it is impossible for amateurs alone to call an alchemist from France.

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