A wide variety of Americans who ate sushi for the first time like this

There are 195 countries on Earth, and foods that are not seen often are eaten in other places for each country or region. Speaking of Japanese representatives of such regional color foods is "sushi", in regions not facing the ocean, there are no customs to eat raw fish in particular, and it is rare to be rare. Movie summarizing reactions when Americans eaten "Sushi" for the first time "Americans Try Sushi For The First Time"Is published on YouTube.

Americans Try Sushi For The First Time - YouTube

Americans eat sushi

A black woman who says "I will eat sushi for the first time today."

This white woman says "I have never eaten salmon and shrimp sushi, I am very anxious." Although I have eaten sushi, there are a lot of neta that I have never eaten is.

"Fish and shellfish are not very good," the white men here seems not to be very enthusiastic about the project itself.

And the last participant, the man, said "CevicheI hope that it is a taste like it. "

So, the first thing to eat is "tuna baki".

"It's rice, I like rice, I can eat every day," a white man who suddenly raises his tension.

This woman challenges sushi with tremendous grace, "I will give up using chopsticks and eat by hand."

It seems that there is considerable resistance, this expression on eating.


A woman who challenged tuna bouncing while saying "What is this?" Said, "I can not eat stuffed meat, it looks like I'm eating muscle," and cut a bunch of tuna.

"I like this one, which is something I do not know well but it tastes good," a man who likes tuna without knowing anything.

"It is delicious" and this man is also popular.

Caucasian women also feel "bad" and seems to be poor at tuna bars.

Next I will challenge "salmon grill".

"A smell is not good", a woman who shows a slight refusal response before eating.


Although I was telling before eating that "I wanted to try challenging because I like cooked salmon," this woman seems to have not accepted salmon rims.

Salmon said "I am useless" and impressed ... ...

I will let you go.

I also do not like salmon with white men saying "I do not like it."

I do not understand why I do not cook salmon, I want to see something baked when I grill it, "I will hit my anger why I will eat my favorite salmon raw.

The last is "Hamachi no Onigiri" with wasabi.

Participants who dare to eat bamboo shoots daringly.

"Why am I doing such a thing ... ...."

"It is painful!" It seems that wasabi was not accepted anyway.

"Not bad," a black woman who has rejected sushi so far finally understands a little about the merit of sushi.

Final thought

This man seems to like "Sushi again" that I want to eat sushi again.

"If I went to eat sushi with my next friend, I could order something other than eggs," a black woman with a slightly different idea of ​​sushi.

This woman seems not to have liked any sushi, but "It was better than I thought, but when I asked if I would eat it again ... I do not know."

It was only people who said "I tried sushi for the first time", but seems to have been most popular among men.

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