How much Apple has successfully destroyed customs?

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Apple bombed the iPhone salesRecord record high sales and profitsOn the other hand, there is also a voice saying that there is no more vision for change from Apple in a way different from its mainstream. As an objection to itBeOSFounder of Be company that developedJean-Louis GasseI am summarizing how Mr. Apple "How Apple destroyed customs and succeeded, and how it will develop in the future".

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According to Apple's report, sales in the first quarter of 2015 increased significantly compared with the previous year to reach 74.6 billion dollars (about 8.7 trillion yen) and net income to 18 billion dollars (about 2.12 trillion yen) I went up. The owner of the iPhone is now 1% of the world population, 9.4 iPhones sold per second. Also, Apple owns $ 178 billion in cash (about 21 trillion yen), which is to distribute $ 550 to all Americans (about 65,000 yen) or $ 25 (about 3000 yen) to people around the world It is a huge asset that we can do.

On the other hand, there are people who have doubts about the performance of these Apple.Harvard Business ReviewProfessor Van Pablo Vasquez Sampere said, "With the release of this report, I had the impression that" Apple has no more visionary vision "", and reporters Peter Kohan also writes an article that criticizes Tim Cook's way of doing it.

The argument that Apple is, as it were, "downhill" is based on the following reasons. In other words, if a business generating $ 10 million (about 1.2 billion yen), growth of 50% will bring about 5 million dollars (about 600 million yen), but a profit of about 150 billion dollars (about 18 trillion yen) Even with the same growth rate, the revenue will increase to 75 billion dollars (about 9 trillion yen), the bigger the business, the greater the revenue regardless of the growth rate.

Looking at the revenue of other companies actually, Google 's 2014 revenue increased by 19% compared with the previous year by US $ 66 billion (about 8 trillion yen), while Microsoft grew by 11.5% to 87 billion dollars (about 10 trillion In yen), Apple's revenue overall was $ 18.3 billion (about 2 trillion yen), but only a 7% increase over the previous year. When I looked through the year rather than one quarter, it was said that it is a big difference to Google developing Android, so it was said that "It is foolish that Apple is doing good".

ByKerry Randolph

However, looking only in the first quarter of 2015, Apple has increased revenues by 30% compared to the previous year, which has increased by 57% to the iPhone and is close to Google's one-year revenue of $ 51 billion 6 trillion yen) in the amount of money. You can not call Apple that can raise this much sales in a quarter as "downhill". Apple also predicts the expected growth rate of 20% for the next quarter and is expected to generate greater revenue than Google and Microsoft as expected.

In addition, many products will lower the profit per product in price competition. However, Apple decided to raise the price in 2014 and raised the average selling price of the iPhone which was 637 dollars (about 76,000 yen) to $ 687 (about 81,000 yen) by 50 dollars (about 5000 yen) . Although there were many criticisms to raise, Tim Cook said, "There are less than 15% of people who have upgraded to iPhene 6 and iPhene 6 Plus from previous iPhone owners and most of the changes are Google Android It is done by the terminal owner. "Even after raising the price, I have proved that I succeeded in making people other than so-called Apple believers successful. It is also worth noting that 70% of iPhone's sales were created in China overflowing with cheap clone smartphones.

Naturally, if the market share is large, economic scale andNetwork externalitiesThe effect increases. The platform that dominates the market keeps absorbing the developer of the application and it becomes more and more convenient, while conversely the minor platform is not excited because no application development is done. This is why Mac has been losing to Windows and iOS has lost to Android so far.

ByMassimo Barbieri

Analysis by analyst Horace Dejou, however, is expected to make the business seven times larger in the next decade. Even though the Mac has a very high profit distribution ratio and has only 7% share worldwide, it is generating about half of the total PC industry. In other words, Apple is an exceptional practice of "the one who dominated the market share is the winner".

In addition, Apple is an exception in the open world. The transition from an exclusive architecture to an open architecture has happened many times so far. Open architecture is now becoming mainstream, but until now Apple's proprietary architecture never interferes with its own computer business. Rather, the iPod that became popular due to the integration of the PC and the mobile device was modularized such as to be able to listen to the music purchased at Amazon, and as a result, it is compromising its existence as of 2014.

Byعبدالرحمن بن سلمه

By modularization, price competition will be made for the device, it will be necessary to differentiate in a small place such as cheapness, speed, ease of use and peripheral equipment. With the mainstream idea that "modularity makes usability more and business succeed", the attitude of not modularizing Macs and iPhones is bringing business success.

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