I have eaten two new sandwiches of subway that plenty of thick cut meat

Subway was sandwiched between roast porks using Spanish pigs from the middle of January "Thick cut roast pork winter carrots salad ~ mustard flavor ~"A lot of ducks were caught"Duck duck black pepper pastrami ~ balsamico sauce ~We are on sale. Both sandwiches were made with winter carrot salads to suit, I went to a shop and ate.

"Winter Bistro Campaign" started! "Thick sliced ​​roast pork winter carrot salad ~ mustard flavor ~" "duck's black pepper pastrami ~ balsamico sauce ~"

Arrived at the subway.

Appeal new products even at stores.

When I go to the cash register ......

We found "target thick roast pork winter carrot salad ~ mustard flavor ~" and "duck's black pepper pastrami ~ balsamico sauce ~". I will try ordering with the arrangement as shown in the picture at once.

I had bread baked and asked me to put the ingredients in and waited, the menu arrived in about 5 minutes.

Thick sliced ​​roasted pork Winter carrots salad ~ mustard flavor ~ (570 yen including tax), the winter carrot salad is sandwiched from the beginning, it looks vivid.

Bread selected sesame for sesame recommendation.

The carrots were sliced ​​and plenty on the roast pork.

The roast pork is thick cut, and the side has a black grain like spice.

There was plenty of vegetables, including onion, tomato, green pepper, black olive lettuce, and so on.

I will bring it in my hand and eat it.

Open the mouth widely and eat it, the taste of roast pork packed with plenty of flavored vegetables and umami spreads. It has a taste of mustard, and it is also excellent with winter carrot salad with moderately sweet, sour and pungent taste. These two materials become the leading role, and when you eat it with vegetables, it is refreshing but refreshing taste. The sesame seeds are also compatible with Sesaminibans, which is fragrant, and it seems that it is said to be easy to eat without carrots' fishy smell.

The duck 's black pepper pastrami ~ balsamico sauce ~ (470 yen including tax) also seems to match winter carrot salad (50 yen including tax), so I asked for it at a separate attachment.

Unlike the previous sandwiches, Buns recommends this with wheat germ containing wheat.

There were plenty of duck pastrami in the sandwich.

I have plenty of pepper when seen from the side.

Vegetables were sandwiched between black olives, pickles, green peppers, onions, tomatoes and lettuce.

I will bring it in my hand and eat it.

Dam's pastrami is not so tasty so far, the vegetable taste, pickles acidity and pepper's pungent taste are more prominent than umami. The balsamic sauce was somewhat sour, and it felt somewhat unbalanced.

If I eat to a certain extent, try to eat it with a salad of winter carrot.

The addition of carrots makes the taste of vegetables stronger, but the taste of duck is diluted further. It was possible that the roast pork which I ate before was thick and I felt the existence of duck pastry thinly, but I felt that it might be a bit more pastastymy or the taste of salt may be effective .

"Thick sliced ​​roast pork winter carrot salad ~ mustard flavor ~" and "Duck duck black pepper pastrami ~ balsamico sauce ~" is on sale for a limited time. On the subway, we plan to sell a large sandwich of 30 centimeters called Ei Sub, during the period from January 28 (Wednesday) to February 3 (Tuesday) · Store only. Because it is a great price setting for the amount, it may be good to buy it.

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