Can I avoid a leap second bug by adding "leap second" which one day increases by 1 second in 2015?

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The length of a day is usually 24 hours, but on July 1, 2015Leap second (leap second)"24 hours 1 second" will be longer than usual by inserting it. Leap second is the currentCoordinated Universal TimeIt is the time added / deleted to adjust the gap between UTC and Earth's rotation, and when implemented on July 1, 2012, a leap second bug occurred on the Internet.


Headquartered in Paris, FranceInternational Earth rotation / reference business(IERS) announced that "leap second" will be implemented on 30th June 2015 (world standard time). As a result, on June 30, 2015, 23:59:60 will be inserted after 23:59 59 seconds and in Japan time it will be after 8:59:59 on July 1, 2015 8:59:60 will be inserted, then it will be 9:00:00.

Leap second was introduced in 1972, and it was carried out 25 times until writing the article. The leap second bug occurred frequently on the Internet on June 30, 2012 (Japan time on July 1, 2012) which was conducted last time.

For example, the bulletin board Reddit says "There is a problem with Java / Cassandra built in Java due to leap seconds"TweetsOr Mozilla known as Firefox supports the distributed processing of large-scale data Java software framework "Apache HadoopNotify that a bug has occurredPost a reportIn addition, other services such as FourSquare · Yelp · LinkedIn · 4chanReport that a failure occurredI have followed one after another.

You can see what happened to the display of the clock when the last leap second was executed from the following movie.

Leap Second June 2012 (watch Mac time also) - YouTube

Show current time in USAOfficial siteThe time is displayed, and the time indicates "23: 59: 59 seconds".

After displaying the unfamiliar time saying "23: 59: 60 seconds" on the clock ......

"00: 00: 00 second" was displayed. The same phenomenon as this occurs on July 1, 2015 in Japan time.

In 2012, many Internet services got into turmoil, but Google that created its own solution avoided the obstacles. Google adopted "Leap smearThe method of adding milliseconds every time of updating to the NTP server in such a way that. Google has been working on measures prior to leap seconds implementation.

Since it can not be predicted at all what kind of trouble will occur in the Internet due to the implementation of leap seconds, it seems better to prepare for all kinds of situations.

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With the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications coordinating the "leap second", it will be "8:59:60" between 8:59:59 AM on Wednesday July 1, 2015 and 9:00:00 in the morning Has been announced.

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A field report that witnessed at the Akashi Municipal Astronomy Science Museum the very moment of inserting the leap second "8:59:60" - GIGAZINE

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