Almost all features of "Bamakome" can be used for free "Braided Eye Select 2015 Free" Review

Known postcard creation software which has won No.1 sales for 13 consecutive years from 2000 to 2012Handwriting"Is a free trial version of" New Year's Cards "which is a zodiac signature in 2015 that allows you to print new year's cardsWritten Noise Select 2015 Free"Is released to the public. Although there is a limitation that printing is only once every ten minutes, it is said that almost all the functions of "handwriting" can be used despite the free version, so I actually downloaded and created a New Year's card.

Free Trial Version · Free Download: Braid Nozomi Ver.25 | New Year's Card · Postcard · Address Book Software - Hand Knotting Net

Click on "Agree and Download" to download "Novelty Select 2015 Free".

Click the downloaded installer.

Click "Execute".

Click "Yes".

Click "Next".

Write "User name" and "Company name" and click "Install".

Click "Finish".

As you are asked to install the tool, uncheck all unnecessary and click "Next".

Launch "Installed Ver.25 boot" installed.

You are prompted to purchase the product version at once, but please click through brilliantly and "close".

"Mode selection" can be selected at startup, but this time, "Use handwritten ver. 25" is selected.

To create a New Year's card for the time being, click "New Year's cards" from "Make a design side" in the opening menu.

The installed design can be selected from the right side of the screen.

The category of design can be used in combination with the photographic materials on hand "01: (standard) digital camera postcard" and ... ...

"02: (Standard) New Year cards"

"03: (For people of superiority) Digital camera new year card"

"04: (New Year's cards) New Year's cards"

"05: (for friends) digital camera new year card"

"06: (Friends) New Year cards"

"07: (brush character) New Year's cards"

"08: (Simple) Eco Design New Year's Card"

"09: (shared report) digital camera new year card"

"10: (shared report) New Year cards"

"11: (commitment design) digital camera new year card"

"12: (commitment design) New Year cards"

All 13 types of "13: (Postcard) New Year's cards". What is recorded is "design as is" 554 points, illustration 1210 points, photographs 100 points, all designed for New Year's cards in 2015.

When design is decided, click "next".

Character parts and stamp parts can be moved to the desired position.

Click "Next" when the layout is decided.

In this procedure you can insert comments in New Year's cards, "fixed form sentence" ... ...

It can be selected from "fixed form sentences".

It is OK even if you type in text freely.

Fonts can be changed to anything installed on PC.

Once you have decided on all, you can click "Add" to reflect the text to New Year's cards. It will be pasted in the center, but of course you can move to any position as you like other parts OK.

When comments are reflected, click "Next".

Select the printer you want to print and click "Print" after setting "Bordery / borderless printing" etc.

Click "OK".

Since you can print only one at a time, once every ten minutes, it is better for you to stop trying printing if you can not afford it.

So what actually printed is like this. I do not think that New Year's Card made free of charge quality.

If you print tenaciously every ten minutes you can also create multiple New Year's cards.

The free version can also print mailing address, but since it is only once in 10 minutes here, it will be necessary to create a New Year's card for free for 20 minutes per sheet.

Therefore, the shock at the time of failure is immeasurable. Be careful not to mistake the direction to put the postcard when printing.

If you activate the product version, you can create as many New Year's cards as you like with print restriction pears. A full-featured version of "Bokomames (Ver.25)" that can be used every year is 4968 yen including tax, not only the old year's greeting card of 2015 but also the marriage report etc "Canonized Select 2015" is 2999 yen including tax, only old year's greeting card of 2015 Simple edition "Pencil Selection Select 2015 New Year's Edition" is on sale at 1852 yen including tax.

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