What is "privilege" that creates disparity? Classes that everyone knows well is excellant

The contents of the lesson which was done to explain to the students in an easy-to-understand manner why there is a disparity when having privilege is published on YouTube, and chewed contents so that everyone can understand It is very outstanding.

Students Learn A Powerful Lesson About Privilege - YouTube

A certain teacher took classes on "social position and privilege" toward students.

The teacher suggests a game using paper to the students.

The game is very simple, throwing paper in a trash box placed in front of the blackboard in the classroom.

In the game the students become representatives of each country, and the country where the rolled paper is put in the trash box becomes rich. And the rich country will be able to get money without sitting and doing nothing.

If rolled paper enters this trash box, it is "winning group".

Listening to the rules, the students sitting at the back of the class immediately said "It is unfair! I guess the front seat is advantageously decided".

Then I decided to actually play the game. First of all, students sitting in the front row of the class throw the paper ......

Most of them succeeded in putting paper in the trash can.

Subsequently students in the back seat also threw paper, but the result was scanty.

The closer the seat is to the trash box, the better it is to understand without actually trying to throw the paper.

The students in the seats behind the class shouted "unfair", but this is "privilege".

People in the back seat noticed that the difficulty of the game varies greatly depending on the position of the seat, but the student who was sitting in the front seat, that is, the student who had "privilege" I could not do it. Only the trash box that was the target in front of me was visible to the student with "privilege".

What is important for the occupation of "educated students" is to notice their own "privileges". This "privilege" is being received "education" so that students make utmost use of privileges, speak out to the voice of those behind themselves, make maximum efforts, and accomplish great things It is important that the movie has been closed.

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