"The Visible Atomic Bomb" which explains the structure of plutonium type atomic bomb

Nuclear weapons that can take away many lives instantaneously by the mighty energy is one of the most awesome weapons that mankind produced. Although it is delayed, it can be said that efforts toward the elimination of nuclear weapons are progressing little by little, but a book recommending a new method for the elimination of nuclear weapons "Unmaking the BombIn the site of such nuclear weaponsThe atomic bomb dropped in Nagasaki "Fat Man"The internal structure of it is explained.

The Visible Atomic Bomb

Explained on this page is an atomic bomb of the type that uses plutonium as a substance that causes fission reaction. "Destroyed in Nagasaki City on August 9, 1945"Fat ManThe explanation is done based on.

◆ Core by plutonium
Bomb center "NucleusNuclear reactive substances using plutonium 239 are placed in the core (core). It is a part equivalent to "bomb explosive" of the normal bomb, plutonium weighing 6.2 kg causes chain fission reaction, causing explosion of power equivalent to about 20 thousand tons usually with explosives. In the center of the core is placed a "neutron igniter" which generates the first neutron which becomes the "fire type" of the fission reaction.

◆ Tamper
The periphery of the core is made of heavy metals such as depleted uranium and tungstenTamperIt is surrounded by. Tamper bounces the neutrons jumped out by the core fission reaction to the inside, further accelerates the nuclear fission reaction and repeats the chain reaction of 80 times in one nanosecond "Neutron reflectorIt is given a role as.

◆ Pusher
The tamper is a spherical shaped aluminum made of aluminumPusherIt is contained in the. The pusher has the explosive placed further on the outside bursting inward "Implosion"It plays the role of telling the pressure generated by the tamper to the core.

◆ implosion lens
The pusher is surrounded by about 2.5 tons of TNT powder and this explosive explosion simultaneously makes it possible to guide the strong pressure necessary for fission reaction to the center of the core. this isImplosion lensThis technology is one of the basic technologies for exploding atomic bombs. In order to produce high pressure it is necessary to have extremely accurate combustion timing of the explosive, and skillfully arranging two types of explosive with different burning speed on the implosion lens makes it possible to apply pressure like a camera lens A technique to concentrate on one point is used.

In addition, due to the development that was actually carried out in Nagasaki, the structure including implosion lenses has been largely miniaturized, and eventually it has been compacted to a compact size to fit approximately 30 cm in diameter.

At the periphery of the implosion lens, first explode TNT powderDetonatorThere is a place. The implosion lens was divided into 32 pieces and it was necessary for each to be successfully detonated with precision of 1 second or less in order to start a nuclear reaction.

◆ Front and rear shells and posture stability tail wings
Fatman's distinctive appearance becomes thick The body is divided into two front and backshell, And steel was used for the material. In addition, the tail part is made of aluminum for stabilizing posture when droppedtailIs installed. Antennas protruding from the outer shell measure the distance to the groundAntenna for distance measurementThe signal was sent to the detonator when it reached 550 meters above the Nagasaki / Urakami area.

Due to the explosion of Fatman, 6 thousand to 70 thousand citizens in Nagasaki were sacrificed, and even now there are people who continue to suffer from the aftermath. A uranium atom bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima and damaged by the first human nuclear bombLittle boy"Has a completely different structure, but on the difference and the background of the development of nuclear weaponsThis siteYaHereIt is also listed in detail so maybe you can try it as a reference.

As for the method for reducing such nuclear weapons, a book proposed by the four authors such as physicists and nuclear security experts is different from the conventional book "Unmaking the Bomb"Has also been published.

Unmaking the Bomb

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