Why is the pink color "Galaxy S5" released only in Japan?

Galaxy S5 on sale from NTT DoCoMo and au has colors of "pink line" called "sweet pink" and "champagne pink" for color variations, but the development of pink color is in the country which releases Galaxy S5 Among them, it is only Japan. The official blog of Samsung Electronics has released why the pink Galaxy S5 is released only in Japan.

Pink Galaxy S5 is only available in Japan, Here is why | Samsung Electronics Official Blog: Samsung Tomorrow

According to the official blog, one of the colors the Japanese love is pink and its symbol is "cherry blossom". Every year, from the end of March to the end of April it is a cherry-blossom viewing event, and many people fill in the cherry blossom view. Samsung Electronics expresses this Japanese relationship with cherry blossoms as "it seems that all of Japan is in love with pink".

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As Samsung Electronics says, the popularity of cherry-blossom viewing in Japan is terrible, and at the Meteorological AgencyData on past flowering and full bloom daysAnnounced and annuallyA page to update the flowering situation of cherry blossomsIt is one of the events that are aligned with the New Year and Christmas.

Apart from cherry blossoms, Samsung Electronics cites Sanrio's as a representative of Japanese pink loveHello Kittyis. The image color of Hello Kitty is white, red and blue, but many items based on pink are on sale. Hello Kitty bus exists in Tokyo and it is the best example to show the popularity of pink in Japan.


Apart from cherry blossoms and Hello Kitty, as a good example of Japanese pink love, Samsung Electronics raised Japanese female fashion.

In addition to cherry blossoms, Hello Kitty, fashion, Samsung Electronics is based on repeated market research, Galaxy S5 includes "Charcoal Black" that is male-conscious, "Shimari White" of Unisex, plus " Sweet pink and champagne pink "to be released.

Samsung Electronics has decided to expand the pink Galaxy S5 only in Japan in order to respond to the "Japanese Pink Love" derived from the survey. However, although it is convinced of Hello Kitty popularity that it is said that it is difficult to find product genres that Hello Kitty goods do not exist from stationery to hotel as well as Japanese love for cherry blossoms, "Cherry Blossoms / Hello Kitty Favorite = I like the pink love "is a question I feel doubtful. In addition, in the 2014 Winter Spring model, including the color of the pink color is the "AQUOS ZETA SH-01G"Disney Mobile on docomo SH-02G"Au's"Isai VL"We have three models.

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