What is the mechanism and the law that the river on the earth turns with Kunekune?


"There is no straight line in nature," sometimes being said, but if you look at the flow of the river, you can realize it clearly. Discuss the various questions of the earth on YouTube about why the river turns and what kind of rule it is formedMinuteEarthHas released a movie.

Why Do Rivers Curve? - YouTube

The river flowing through the land is bent with Kunekune, basically there is nothing to draw a straight line.

Furthermore, it is also known that the flow of a river changes with time.

There should be some reason for the flow of the river, which was close to a straight line, to gradually bend. What on earth is it?

Something tremendously hugeforceBecause the power of the work?

In fact, the weather, the natural environment, the actions by animals, and the years and years will change the flow of the river.

For example, Mask Rat, a kind of mouse living in the river's waterside, lives by making a nest digging a hole in the river.

However, the entrance to that nest is gradually eroded by the flow of the river ... ...

Erosion spreads steadily and the shape of the river changes.

And finally, it is easy to imagine that the shore gouge and change its shape and the other side of the other side sediments accumulate and the river curves and goes.

Different flow speeds between the inside and the outside of the curve also have a big influence. The force produced by the "fast flow" flowing outside the curve creates a flow towards the shore on the opposite side, and in the area where the flow concentrates, more earth and sand will be flowed and erosion will occur.

Then the shape of the river gradually changes.

This effect is known to work in the same way, whether it is a small river or a big river.

And this is also interesting point that it is happening in the same way everywhere on the earth.

Actually there are certain rules in the size and width of the river's curve. There is a very interesting investigation that the length of one curve is about six times the width of the river.

In addition, the law on the size and width of curves is a feature common to every part of the river. Part and whole are self-similarfractalIt is interesting that it is becoming.

As Kunekune and a turning river continue to grow, the streams of the river approach each other ... ...

Finally there is also a connection between flows. Furthermore, the earth and sand that has been carried over the years has changed the flow of the river, and the original curved part is separated from the flow.

And that part is completely independent, so "Crescent Moon Lake" is born.

It is known that there is a certain law in the topography of a river that is formed by the flow of water. And this terrain was also found on the surface of Mars and once considered to be one of the evidences that water was also present on Mars.

In this way, MinuteEarth introduces the structure of the natural world with an easy-to-understand movie. Besides this on the official Youtube channelThe origin of the earthYaReason why many boys' babies are born than girlsAnd so on were explained.

MinuteEarth - YouTube

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