Data transmission transfer rate from Amazon EC 2 and S3 is reduced by 43% at maximum, and transfer from AWS to CloudFront is free

There were many cases in other clouds to free up transfer charges to the Internet side or cheap to counter AWS, but Amazon finally announced price cuts by Amazon itself.

AWS Data Transfer Price Reduction

First of all, AWS (EC 2WhenS3) Is reduced from 6% to 43%. It will look like the table below.

Data transfer Transmission (out)US standard
West of the United States (Oregon)
West of the United States of America (Northern California)
Europe (Ireland)
Europe (Frankfurt)
Asia Pacific (Singapore)Asia Pacific (Tokyo)Asia Pacific (Sydney)
First 10 TB / month-twenty five%-twenty five%-37%-30%-26%
Next 40 TB / month-6%-6%-43%-15%-twenty one%
Next 100 TB / month-37%-Five%-13%
Next 350 TB / month-33%-6%-14%

Also,CloudFrontRegion data transfer to the Origin is free of charge, and the transmission of Region data transfer to the Internet is also as shown in the table below, which is reduced by up to 29%.

Region data transfer from CloudFront to the Internet TransmissionusaEuropeHong Kong, Philippines, South Korea, Singapore and TaiwanJapanAustralia
First 10 TB / month-29%-29%-26%-26%-26%
Next 40 TB / month-Four%-Four%-Four%

In addition, existingFree use frameIt is about no change about.

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