A movie that has runaway if it is a bad weather even in an automatic driving car where development and evolution advances

Automobile manufacturers and IT giants · Google also proceed with developmentAutomatic driving carContinues to evolve,High speed running of the circuit without the unmannedOr,Travel test on public road will soon startIt is showing the appearance that realization approaches at once in a while. However, in the automatic driving car contest held in South Korea, an interesting movie which exposed unexpected weak points under the condition of "bad weather" and made it feel that the problem is still being made public.

2014 Hyundai Self-driving car competition: day 2, rainy day with wet and slippery road - YouTube

Automatic driving car competition started. Although it is a movie that shows the state of the second day of the tournament, it seems that the rain suddenly appeared just before driving, the road surface was wet in the bisho-basho and the rain still continues to rain a bit.

Although it seems to be running smoothly, it sometimes sticks out of the lane.

However, because it is an advanced automatic driving technology that is under development, it has fallen short of the speed limit written on the sign.

It also clears 120 km / h, the highest speed specified.

Although it was running smoothly, suddenly dropped to the side of the road ... ...

I suddenly stopped. This is a pattern of unknown cause.

However, it started running again in a few seconds.

Failed to detect a pedestrian standing by the side of the road. It is raining and the road surface gets wet, furthermore it is a rainy pattern and subtle sunlight, so even if we have multiple sensors mounted on the vehicle it seems that the situation judgment is quite difficult.

Intersection stop is cleared.

I left the intersection and also cleared the running while chasing the car in front.

However, problems occurred at the next intersection.

I wonder if I misjudged the course, I had a big deed going inside.

The reason is explained as "for camera setting". Due to the camera that was hit by the rain directly standing outside the car, was the picture distorted by water droplets etc?

Then start running again. Successfully stopped by detecting the obstacle dropped from the car in front.

And then the biggest problem occurred. A vehicle that loses sight of an intersection and stray ... ...

I got on the block of the pedestrian separation zone.

Vehicle with child condition of almost turtle. If you look carefully, it is almost impossible to distinguish the camera image on the upper left of the screen, which means that it can not be said that it is difficult to judge the road conditions.

It seems that there was no choice but to manually operate by the staff for the return.

Even then, sometimes causing trouble while driving continued, even in the last garage was a little stray. It was a movie that reminded me that automatic driving in bad weather was difficult as well.

The same car movie that was done in fine weather is here. It seems that it is almost smoothly running, but it seems to be said that it can be said that it is an interesting image that can see how the performance is greatly influenced just by changing the condition "weather".

2014 Hyundai Self-driving car competition: day 1, sunny day with dry road - YouTube

Viewing the two movies side-by-side makes it even easier to understand the difference.

2014 Hyundai Self-driving car competition _ day 2, rainy day with wet and slippery road vs. 2014 Hyundai Self-driving car competition _ day 1, sunny day with dry road by VJ Ann O'Nymous | YouTube Doubler | Mashup Helper

These movies contain patterns at the automatic driving car competition held by Korean automaker "Hyundai", and the vehicles appearing in the videoKAIST(Formerly known as Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology). It was a meaningful movie that can catch a glimpse of the fact that there is still room for development in the automatic driving car to be developed.

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