IDEO's new book "The Field Guide to Human-Centered Design" that will enable "human-centered design" to solve problems like designers

Apple's first mouseDesign consultancy company that madeIDEO,Samsung built a studio next to the Silicon Valley IDEO headquarters to absorb the approachIt is a company that has a big influence in product design as much. The basis of this IDEO "Human-centered design(HCD) ", and about the book which summarizes practical ways useful not only for product creation but also for problem solving, the cloud funding platformKickstarterPublication investment money is being recruited.

The Field Guide to Human-Centered Design by - Kickstarter

Marketing has been regarded as a very important business in past business, but in the new business from now on, only one,"Creating wonderful products" becomes important. The important thing here is not just to design things, but to solve problems by design. Therefore, the approach to solve problems around the world by doing human-centered design thinking is "The Field Guide to Human-Centered Design"is.

IDEO is a company that solves many problems such as sex and reproductive health, water shortage problem, public health, etc. through human-centered design, but to solve many problems around the world, only the staff at the office in San Francisco It is impossible to do so, this time we launched this project to share knowledge.

In the past IDEOA company that thinks! - The best design and farm in the world Techniques of innovation learned from IDEO"Creative Mindset A wonderful way of thinking that imagination, curiosity and courage wake up"Design thinking changes the world (Hayakawa / Nonfiction Paperback)"And publishes books such as IDEO-operated platformsDesign Kit58,000 members registered, and 40,000 people from 148 countries participated in the human-centered online lecture. Also of e-bookHCD ToolkitPDF file has already been downloaded more than 141,000 times.

(PDF file)

The Japanese version can be downloaded from the following web page.

【Free】 3 step tool kit for innovation by IDEO ~ Human-centered design thought: Human-Centered Design Thinking ~

The table of contents looks like the following.

· Why human-centered design?
· Three lenses of human-centered design
· HCD (human-centered design) process
· How to use this tool kit
· The best way to cause innovation
· Useful scenarios

Understanding: HEAR
STEP 1: Identify design issues
STEP 2: Confirm existing knowledge
STEP 3: Reveal the people to talk about
STEP 4: Choose a survey method
Method: Personal Interview
Method: Group Interview
Method: Status Immersion
Method: Self documentation
Method: Community-oriented discovery
Method: Interview with experts
Method: Inspiration quest in a new place

STEP 5: Develop an interview method
Method: Interview Guide
Method: Experimental concept
Method: Interview technique

STEP 6: Develop a mindset
Concept: Beginners thinking
Concept: Observation vs. interpretation

Imagination: CREATE
STEP 1: Develop approach
Method: Participative co-design
Method: empathic design

STEP 2: Share a story
STEP 3: Identify the pattern
Method: Extraction of key · insight
Method: Discover the theme
Method: Create framework

STEP 4: Create opportunity area
STEP 5: Brainstorm new solutions
STEP 6: Shape ideas
STEP 7: Collect feedback

Practice: DISCOVER
STEP 1: Develop a sustainable income model
STEP 2: Identify the ability to execute solutions
STEP 3: Design a solution pipeline
STEP 4: Create a schedule for realization
STEP 5: Plan for small experiment and iteration
STEP 6: Make a learning plan
Method: Track metrics
Method: Evaluation of outcomes

Field Guide

The Field Guide is a further development of the contents of the HCD Toolkit, and more than 50 design methods are described. As the IDEO staff explained the thought method practiced every day, reading the book makes me understand "What is the key to human-centered design?", "IDEO can understand the product You can also read case studies showing actions taken in the making process. It also means that the worksheets and tools necessary for practicing the reader are also included. This is the cover page.

A sample of the contents is from the following. Items written as "pilot" and ... ...

A way of thinking by card sheets.

Extremes and MainstreamsIt seems that the point of recruiting people is written on.

IDEO has published its own know-how on the Internet so far, but since there are also areas in the world where the Internet can not be used on a daily basis, I decided to make a physical book this time.

If it is a book, put it in a box ... ...

Regardless of the presence or absence of the Internet, knowledge can be delivered anywhere in the world.

It is possible to get a pocket guide of human-centered design with a capital of 25 dollars (about 3000 yen) or more, with a capital of 50 dollars (about 6000 yen) or more, to get the Field Guide to Human-Centered Design, About 9000 yen) If you can invest more than this you can get the set of The Field Guide and Pocket Guide. About shipping fee is not written, shipment corresponds to the whole world, it is scheduled to be held in February of 2015.

The deadline is 9 o'clock on December 8th in Japan time.

The Field Guide to Human-Centered Design by - Kickstarter

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